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Bajaj Finserv announces new brand identity

The financial services company of the Bajaj Group has unveiled a new brand identity to present a uniform and common identity across its businesses

Bajaj Finserv, the financial services arm of the Bajaj Group, has announced its new brand identity. All businesses under Bajaj Finserv will use the common identity for consumers to experience the common values of the company.

A new logo has been unveiled with the letters 'BF' (B from the Bajaj logo and F from Finserve) in a three dimensional seal.

Bajaj Finserv announces new brand identity
Speaking to afaqs!, Sanjiv Bajaj, managing director, Bajaj Finserv, says, "While Finserve was formed three years ago, we did not rebrand it then. We feel the timing is appropriate now, with the new logo displaying a uniform look and feel."

"We wanted to present a uniform and common identity across the independent businesses and unite them so that the consumer experiences the core values of the group," he adds.

Bajaj Finserv announces new brand identity
Bajaj Finserv announces new brand identity
Pune based Indi Design has done the rebranding.

"It was a journey to understand the financial industry domain, its customers and aspirations, which led to the new positioning of the group – 'Your Confidence'. It leads us further to a branding solution that is simple, straightforward and reliable. It is to give the customers the confidence to take decisions and move ahead. The customer will always be with Bajaj Finserv as a brand and not with many different companies for different purposes," says Sudhir Sharma, chief executive officer and creative director, Indi Design.

Bajaj Finserv has a full-fledged branding programme planned for all group companies, mainly led by BTL (below-the-line) activities.

"Each of the underlined businesses will do their own promotions. There will be a lot of BTL. We are also working on a corporate level BTL marketing strategy," says Bajaj.

The company offers loans, financial solutions and life and general insurance services through Bajaj Finserv Lending, Bajaj Finserv Wealth Management and Bajaj Allianz Insurance, respectively.

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