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Alfa returns to TV after six years

After a long gap, Alfa breaks a campaign on TV for its new range, Boxer Strolly. The campaign has been created by Mudra

Alfa, the independent luggage brand from the house of VIP Industries, has returned to television screens after a gap of six years. Its latest campaign is for its new range in the economy segment, Boxer Strolly. With this, the company is looking at shifting the brand from the unorganised sector to the organised sector.

Alfa returns to TV after six years
Manish Vyas, vice-president, VIP Industries, says, "It is almost after a gap of six years that we have started advertising again. While the brand kept growing due to its presence in the unorganised sector, I think it's the right time for the brand to switch from the unorganised to the organised sector. As for the time when Alfa was not present on television, we were promoting the brand in the rural areas through activations."

Alfa, which was launched in 1989 as a sub-brand of VIP, went on to became an independent brand. Vyas elaborates on the company's decision. "Alfa gradually went on to become an independent brand in 2003-04, as we wanted two different, standalone brands addressing the needs of different strata of society. The evolution was possible, as we were confident that it could stand on its own."

Alfa returns to TV after six years
The new television commercial has been created by Mudra. The team includes K B Vinod in the creative department; while Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films is the director.

Speaking on the thought-process behind the campaign, Bobby Pawar, chief creative officer, Mudra Group, says, "While the brief was to talk about the new product range, Boxer Strolly and show its toughness; we had to make the TVC interesting for the consumer for them to remember it, as the brand was coming back to TV after six years. Thus, we created the TVC and added a little tinge of romance."

VIP has fixed a marketing budget of Rs 10-15 crore to promote Alfa, both above-the-line which includes television and print, and through activations across the country.

VIP claims that Alfa is Rs 160 crore brand, clocking sales of over 12 lakh units annually.

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