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Horlicks NutriBar reactivates

Creates innovative branded on-air and on ground platforms to engage consumers in order to educate about the nutritional benefit of the NutriBar.

GlaxoSmithKline's Horlicks NutriBar recently launched an innovative campaign. This activity comes close on the heels of GlaxoSmithKline revamping its flagship brand, Horlicks, after a gap of seven years, where the logo and packaging were redesigned to bring about a unified new look in all the products under the Horlicks portfolio.

Horlicks NutriBar reactivates
The main aim of the new campaign was to drive the target group - males and females in the age group of 25-35 years - to try out the Horlicks NutriBar.

The on-air and on ground campaign done by Big Live, is being rolled out in six metros across the country. The campaign has currently been rolled out in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata with a key message, 'Jab Bhook Lage Tezi, Don't Go Crazy'.

The next phase of the campaign is being rolled out in Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad and communicates the message: 'NutriBar khaane ke hazar reasons hai. Aapka reason kya hai? Horlicks NutriBar - iss mein hai wheat, rice, oats aur 11 vital nutrients'.

Horlicks NutriBar reactivates
Horlicks NutriBar reactivates
Discussing the product, Vipul Gupta, brand manager, GSK, says, "We continuously identify and cater to the needs of various consumer segments by developing products that specifically provide benefits linked to nutrition and wellness. Horlicks NutriBar is a convenient snacking option that renders pleasurable nutrition for today's young, on the move achievers."

As part of the campaign, a radio activity on 92.7 Big FM is being executed in all the six cities. Apart from the brand spots, the on-air activity consists of two elements - 'Bhooki Galtiyan' (Hungry Mistakes) and 'NutriBar GYM Offer'.

Bhooki Galtiyan has a call for action element, wherein listeners are asked to share their 'Bhooki Galityan'. Listeners need to SMS NutriBar followed by a space and then write down the mistake and send it to 55454.

In the NutriBar GYM Offer, listeners are asked to carry three wrappers of NutriBar and go to select participating gyms across all six cities, where they can avail free trials.

For on ground, a BPO based activity has been planned for Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, where at various BPO offices, 'Nutribar Nutrition Units' have been placed. At these units, people are asked to try out the NutriBar and then guess its ingredients from the options displayed on a chart. The ones that guess correctly win a NutriBar-branded stress ball.

A Corporate Complex Activity is also being carried out, where participants need to spin a NutriBar clock and if the hour hand points to the section which is not a part of the regular meal timings, the person is gratified with gifts.

Besides this, a gym activity is being carried out, where weighing machines with NutriBar's creatives and NutriBar dispensing slot machines have been placed in various gyms across Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The people coming to the gym are asked to check their weight by the promoter of the gym, who then educates them about the benefits of NutriBar.

On the initiative, Navneeth Mohan, national head, experiential marketing, Big Live, says, "Being associated with an A-list client such as GSK has given us great firsthand knowledge of launching a campaign on such a large scale. With the low attention span of the audience, it was imperative that we create innovative activation platforms for Horlicks NutriBar to engage the target group."

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