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RC&M launches experiential marketing book, 'Brand Experience, The Marketing Mind Game'

The agency has penned down numerous learnings and case studies from the experiential marketing domain.

Experiential marketing company, RC&M will announce the launch of its book, 'Brand Experience, The Marketing Mind Game', today. The launch coincides with the agency's 20th anniversary.

In 'Brand Experience, The Marketing Mind Game', RC&M captures its tenure, along with the journey of the experiential marketing industry. Covering the rural, semi-urban and urban markets, the book explores the role of the industry across geographies in India.

RC&M launches experiential marketing book, 'Brand Experience, The Marketing Mind Game'
Discussing the crux of the book, Priya Monga, business head, RC&M tells afaqs!, "It was only natural for us to share our experiences of the past years in a simple compilation that shares real-time experience. We hope that it will appeal to marketers and students of marketing as well."

Rajesh Monga, managing director, RC&M adds, "After carving the path of my professional life, I thought it was time to share my journey and provide some practical examples and professional advice."

The idea of the book stemmed from the induction process in RC&M. Over the years, as new candidates joined the agency, the company shared case studies on experiential marketing and other learnings with them. Over time, a newsletter and Web mailers were created to share information. And two years ago, all of this eventually led to the idea of compiling a book on this dynamic industry. Rajesh shares that the team has spent close to eight months in bringing out the book.

Using case studies as its characters, the book brings together views of marketing experts in India and around the globe, consumers in different cultures and various brands in the market, in an effort to analyse experiential marketing trends. It uses a mixed bag of BTL activities to explain how marketing professionals have experimented with various aspects of human behaviour over the years.

RC&M launches experiential marketing book, 'Brand Experience, The Marketing Mind Game'
Marketing folks such as Pravin Kulkarnii, GM, marketing, Parle Products; Anisha Motwani, CMO, Max New York Life; and Rajesh Mehta, director - marketing, South & South East Asia, Western Union have all been quoted in the book, sharing their take on experiential marketing and what it has done for their respective brands.

Priya adds, "The experiential marketing industry today is a consumer-controlled marketplace. The customer's sense of individuality has influenced his brand preferences. So, the only way to enter his life is to provide him an experience that pacifies his sense of self. The book explores experiences that have benchmarked the measure of experiential marketing."

Through the book, RC&M also offers insights about the decade to come. This includes the consumer's accommodation to changing trends of compact lives, through the penetration of advanced digital technology, biotechnology and information technology. It further explores the unforeseen aspects of the environment synergising the role of the marketer through CSR initiatives.

The book also provides an in-depth look at the economic and social standing of all geographic regions in India, along with a data bank of relevant information, to provide a clear picture of consumer behaviour in various Indian states.

The company has distributed 500 copies for now. Rajesh says that going forward, they may look at launching newer editions, depending on the response received.

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