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Bharti Axa Life Insurance: Conceptualising wellness and insurance

During a campaign that lasted two and a half months, the company reached over 4.5 lakh prospective consumers.

MOMS Integrated Experiential Solutions (IES), a unit of Madison World, recently concluded a mall activation campaign for Bharti Axa Life Insurance. The campaign was to promote the company's new tagline, 'Jeevan Suraksha Ka Naya Nazariya'. Based on this insight, IES formulated an activity called 'Wealth & Wellness ka Naya Nazariya'.

Bharti Axa Life Insurance: Conceptualising wellness and insurance
During the campaign, which continued for two and a half months, the activity received an overwhelming response in all cities, reaching out to over 4.5 lakh prospective consumers.

Saujanya Shrivastava, vice-president, marketing, Bharti Axa Life Insurance says, "Wealth & Wellness ka Naya Nazariya demonstrated in a lucid manner, wealth and wellness aspirations of customers, helping them make choices to redefine their lives, leading to security and peace of mind."

To promote the new positioning, MOMS IES created a Wealth and Wellness Zone across premium malls in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. In this zone, the agency engaged consumers through activities such as a Balancing Game and Eat-Well-Plate Dart Game. The games were targeted at consumers in SEC A and A+ over the age of 25 years.

Bharti Axa Life Insurance: Conceptualising wellness and insurance
During these games, the TG was asked to try and balance the scale of Wealth versus Wellness, using various articles depicting each aspect. After completion of the game, a Body Mass Index (BMI) check-up was done for each consumer. Based on the BMI calculated, a nutritionist and a yoga expert gave these individuals personalised advice. The activity concluded with a wealth advisor giving financial advice and tips for future goal planning.

Saumen Roy, DGM, MOMS IES says, "We thought the 'eureka' moment was when we cracked the Balancing Game idea. But actually, our moment under the sun was when we saw people waiting in a queue for their turn to play the game and experience the whole zone."

As a follow-up, photographs of the enrolled participants were clicked. They were then placed in Bharti Axa branded photo-jackets, and mailed to the participants with a 'thank you' note from the respective wealth advisor, along with his or her contact details.

Following the tremendous response and returns from the activity, Bharti Axa Life Insurance is looking at rolling out a similar activity in smaller modules across society contact programmes, school initiatives and corporate activations.