Surina Sayal

ELF Moto4 Gold aims to zoom ahead with Shahid Kapoor

The engine oil brand has roped in the popular actor to endorse its brand, kicking off with an outdoor campaign in Tier II towns.

Elf Moto4 Gold, part of Total Oil (India), has launched a new outdoor campaign featuring Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor as its new brand ambassador. Considering Kapoor's popularity with youngsters, the month-long campaign, is targeted at males between ages 15-44, the primary users of the two-wheelers of SEC AB in the crucial bike market, especially the Tier II towns.

ELF Moto4 Gold aims to zoom ahead with Shahid Kapoor
The ad's theme focuses on winning and better performance. It has the young actor resting against a bike, with the copy reading 'Raasta mudh sakta hai, hausla nahi'.

Discussing the campaign, Haresh Nayak, managing director, Posterscope, the agency that has worked on this campaign, says, "The activity is spread across 30 Tier II towns. Our task is to ensure we cover the two-wheeler segment in high traffic areas and create an impact." The agency has used transit mediums like solus buses, bus panels and mobile hoardings as well as large format hoardings to ensure high city coverage and closeness to the target group (TG) who use the vehicles on the roads.

Elf Moto4 Gold, launched over a decade ago as a premium bike engine oil has steadily increased its market share since its launch. The company states that the two-wheeler engine oil segment has witnessed an exponential growth, especially in the last decade, with the advent of 4 stroke motorcycles. The two-wheeler engine oil market is currently pegged at approximately Rs 1,800 crore. ELF is the third largest player in the category with a market share of over 9 per cent.

ELF Moto4 Gold aims to zoom ahead with Shahid Kapoor
Says PK Mittal, senior vice-president, marketing and technical, Total Oil India, Lubricants Division, "ELF Moto 4 Gold is our flagship brand in the Motorcycle Engine Oils segment. It was the first engine oil which was one of the first bike engine oils formulated especially for 4 stroke motor cycles. It contributes almost 10 per cent of our total revenue. We are steadily growing in this segment."

Says Mittal about the company's tie up with Kapoor, "We have roped in Shahid Kapoor as our brand ambassador in order to accelerate our growth in this segment exponentially. We feel that Shahid will infuse a lot of energy and excitement in the brand image and reinforce its positioning of 'Bike oil for winners'."

ELF's last campaign in 2008 in Ahmedabad involved teaser hoardings and bus shelter creatives as well. It aimed to promote the idea of changing the oil regularly and not just when the bike was sent for servicing. The creatives showed a visual of an open coffin with a bike placed inside with the copy reading, 'ELF Moto 4 Gold nahi daala toh bike gaye kaam se!' While the 2008 campaign was specific to the brand ELF MOTO 4 Gold, the current campaign is focussed on building the umbrella brand ELF MOTO and it's positioning 'Bike oil for winners'.

Would Shahid Kapoor's current popularity help the brand race past its competitors? Let's wait and watch!