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BBDO India to focus on getting the 'real Indian' clients for the next 12 months: Andrew Robertson

Started three years ago, BBDO India has managed to rope in clients like 7UP, Gillette, P&G, Wrigley, and now wants the big Indian advertisers on board as well.

Established three years ago, BBDO India created its own space in the Indian advertising industry by bagging clients such as Aviva, 7UP, Gillette, P&G and Wrigley. In the next 12 months, the agency intends to focus on big local businesses.

BBDO India to focus on getting the 'real Indian' clients for the next 12 months: Andrew Robertson
Speaking to afaqs! on the sidelines of AIMA World Marketing Congress, Andrew Robertson, CEO, BBDO Worldwide, says, "India is a massive market, has 16 different languages and is very complex and diverse. To do a good job is difficult, but I think we are getting better at it slowly and gradually. When we started BBDO three ago, we never knew that we would win the Lions at Cannes and the Effie Awards, and within three years, clients like 7UP, Gillette, Wrigley, Aviva and P&G. I am happy we have progressed well. We have not really attacked the real Indian clients yet, but plan to do so in the next one year."

The agency announced an increase in its stake in Clemenger BBDO from 46.67 per cent to 73.67 per cent last year, as part of a strategic push into the Asia-Pacific region. According to Robertson, it is not a short-term deal as they have been partners for the last 37 years, and by increasing its stake, they have consolidated the partnership.

2010 has been a fairly good year for BBDO Worldwide as many of its agencies in the mature markets have shown good growth. For Robertson, BBDO's performance has far more to do with its ability to increase market share, than grow with the market.

Says Robertson, "We have agencies that grew throughout the recession period. In 2010, network agencies in mature markets like the US, France, the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany have had very strong performances. The agencies in these countries continued winning businesses and establishing strong relationships with clients."

In an era where advertising is no more a simple game, but a rather complex fight to win the confidence of the advertiser as well as the consumers, what has worked for the agency so far is its dedication towards work and its clients. Says Robertson, "We say 'we are about the work, the work, the work', and we mean it and believe in it and that is what we convey to our clients. This is what makes us different from the rest. We live up to it, and we do that every single hour of the day, for each job, for each client in 287 agencies around the world. The commitment and dedication is recognised by the client as well as the industry, and we win accolades for being the agency of the year."

While it's true that the world is now moving out of recession, Robertson is aware that the consumer has become conscious of every penny spent. To win the confidence of the customer is more of a challenge. Nevertheless, he is hopeful that BBDO Worldwide will continue with the good work.

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