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Cycle Agarbattis invokes people to pray for India

Branded mobile vans will travel across 100 cities asking people to support and pray for India at the World Cup.

Cycle Pure Agarbattis has rolled out its 'Pray for India' campaign for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 starting this month. Through this campaign, cricket lovers across the country can now pray for the Indian cricket team to win the World Cup.

The on-ground campaign will roll out in 100 cities of the country with Cycle's 'Pray for India' branded mobile vans doing the rounds. About 140-150 such branded vans (two-three vans in each city) will move through these cities, stopping at important places and asking passersby to come up to the van and write their prayers down.

Cycle Agarbattis invokes people to pray for India
Cycle Agarbattis invokes people to pray for India
Sample packs of agarbattis will also be distributed to pray for the Indian team. Each van will carry a six-feet mega agarbatti, which will be lit by a local celebrity at the end of the day.

The on-ground activity kicked off on February 17 and will go on till the first week of March. They will resume during the matches played by India.

Anik Banerjea, chief business creator, Cycle Agarbattis, says, "The first six-feet agarbatti was lit in Coimbatore by the Mayor. It has received a great response."

Cycle Pure Agarbattis has also created a new television commercial as part of the campaign. The commercial shows people from various walks of life having just one wish - India should win the World Cup this year. The commercial will be aired before the India matches on various news and sports channels during the World Cup shows and vignettes.

An SMS campaign, too, has kicked off with over 50 lakh SMSes being sent out to fans in the country. "The demographic target for this includes SEC A, B and C between the age group 20-45, with 60 per cent males and 40 per cent females. People will receive the 'Pray for India's Victory' message, which can then be forwarded to others, thus creating a viral of sorts," informs Banerjea.

The 'Pray for India' campaign will be run on Facebook, the social networking platform, through the company's page 'Bhagwaan Hai'. The page will drive the 100-city campaign online with regular updates, weekly contests, and gifts for fans and cricket lovers across the country.

For the record, Cycle Agarbattis commands 30 per cent share of the organised agarbatti market, valued at approximately Rs 1,300 crore. While the brand has a strong foothold in the southern markets, its traction is slowly increasing in the north as well.

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