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Tata Photon opens the window of emotions

High on idea, but doubts on execution -- Tata Photon is trying to occupy the emotional space in the consumer's mind through an idea which is based on the insights the agency had gathered by observing its own people.

Tata Photon is trying to occupy the emotional space in the consumer's mind in its latest ad campaign, after establishing its functional benefits in the previous two.

Tata Photon opens the window of emotions
The launch campaign was very functional - I carry speed, while the second campaign -- Live TV on the go - re-emphasised its product superiority.

Created by Contract Advertising, the television commercial, titled Windows, showcases how working professionals can save that little extra time and spend it with their near and dear ones.

Interestingly, the agency derived this insight, not through any planned research, but by a simple task - observing its own staff and people working in a few other organisations, too. It observed how people tend to behave in their day-to-day life - right from the CEO of a company, to an office boy.

Tata Photon opens the window of emotions
Tata Photon opens the window of emotions
Juju Basu, vice-president and senior creative director, Contract Advertising, says, "Whether you're a 10-year-old in school, or a CEO on a mission, time is getting scarcer for each one and having it has become a sign of wealth."

Basu further adds, "This is what Tata Photon's campaign is about - the 'windows of time' that pop up in the day as a result of finishing things with a faster internet connection. Our commercial has people discovering these windows in their regular days and finding in them things to do that are otherwise not possible every day."

Shashank Pore, head, brand communications and VAS, Tata Teleservices, claims that for the past two years, it had been a great journey with brand Tata Photon in a highly competitive scenario. "The emotional route was adapted to connect better with the customers in a relevant and engaging way," says Pore.

The television commercial will be supported by an extensive outdoor campaign across the country.

Tata Photon opens the window of emotions
Tata Photon opens the window of emotions
Winning Over Time?

Industry professionals give full marks to the concept, terming it as a fresh and clutter-breaking thought, especially in an environment where every second player is talking just about speed. However, they also raised their doubts on the execution.

Budi Dwisantara Sutisna aka Didi, executive director, planning, JWT, says, "There's nothing wrong with the strategy of winning time to enjoy every day with the help of greater speed. Vodafone UK has done some great work on the premise of time and how mobile internet allows one to enjoy the good bits of the day. However, in execution, the idea has fallen short of becoming interesting. The mnemonic device deserved some great crafting to make this film more than just correct."

Sambit Mohanty, executive creative director, creative services and design, Bates 141, says, "At first glance, I thought here goes another ad for Sony Bravia. But, I like the fact that Tata Photon has a fresh take in a category obsessed with capturing speed literally. It's executed quite nicely and the jingle stays with you."