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Tata Photon rolls out large signage for 'Get Speed, Get Time' campaign

The branded signage, while being simple, attracts the attention of commuters and passers-by with its backlit capability and well-manicured garden.

Innovation and 3D signages are clearly the outdoor advertising choices for Tata Teleservices' High Speed Internet Access Service (HSIA) brand Tata Photon. The brand's outdoor campaign now carries forward its new brand message 'Get Speed, Get Time'.

The objective of the campaign is to depict the message of Tata Photon 'Get Speed, Get Time' effectively by breaking through the everyday clutter on out of home media.

Tata Photon rolls out large signage for 'Get Speed, Get Time' campaign
Tata Photon rolls out large signage for 'Get Speed, Get Time' campaign
The thought behind the campaign is that time is the new luxury for this generation, therefore -- 'Get Speed, Get Time' -- the opportunity to get more time for life. This campaign talks about what happens when one has speed on his/her side, getting things done faster and therefore, more time on hand to do the things one loves to do.

The idea was to execute a creative, yet impactful idea which communicates the fact that with the use of Tata Photon, one can save time while accessing high speed internet -- anytime, anywhere.

Taking the campaign forward, the outdoor branding has created a large signage of the Tata Photon logo, with the tagline 'Get Speed, Get Time', and the plug-in device, as well.

The site also has a small garden around it, which has been beautified with a small water fountain, thus giving it much visual appeal. Bright LED lights ensure that the signage is clearly visible even at night.

Talking about the outdoor campaign, Shashank Pore, head, brand communications and VAS, Tata Teleservices, says, "While being simple and sticking to the brand message, we wanted to ensure that our outdoor innovation surprises our TG (target group) in the most ideal manner. So, we've placed a huge brand signage at a prominent location at Mahim Causeway, in Mumbai."

The outdoor for Tata Photon is handled by its OOH agency, Milestone Brandcom, and this is one of the many innovative branding solutions the company has launched for the brand.

In March, it had also placed cut-outs of the USB at high traffic locations and traffic signals in Dehradun. The USB was also designed as a 3D backlit cut-out, and was placed on kiosks across many cities.

During the launch of the Hollywood movie Fast and Furious 5, the brand was associated with it, and co-branded commercials. These were made keeping speed in mind as it was also an integral part of the movie's theme.