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Does your father cough up money?

If not, then you can get lucky with buying brands on, says the new TVC, created by Eleven Brandworks.

No one's dad has received an electric shock at an ATM and coughed up money, surely. But, Lucky's dad has in the new TVC, for all Lucky's big brand purchases made at a posh mall.

Does your father cough up money? is a lifestyle portal from the stable of Bigshoebazaar India. Through the TVC, which ends with 'Bade brands pe badi deal, bade aaram se', the online shopping portal offers an attractive option of shopping for big brands at a lesser price for the rest of the 'not-so-lucky' lot.

"We wanted to communicate that we offer value to buyers at never-before-prices," says Manmohan Singh Agarwal, CEO, bigshoebazaar India.

Through this TVC, Yebhi aims to target the middle and upper middle-class youth without much disposable income. "The TVC is about a boy who has an infinite supply of money, but those who do not have access to a huge reserve of money can visit Yebhi," says Agarwal. According to him, the idea behind the campaign is to induce consumers to want more.

Does your father cough up money?
Does your father cough up money?
The campaign has been created by Eleven Brandworks, a full service agency, founded more than two years ago by Puneet Kapoor and Prateek Bhardwaj. The agency is based in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

The creative direction and the copy have been taken care of by Sambit Mishra; the art direction has been done by Aneesh Jaisinghani. The production house is Soda Films.

Bhardwaj, who is the founder-director of Eleven Brandworks, tells afaqs!, "On, the price at which you get to grab big brands is crazy. We wanted to convey this message to the audience."

Mishra, who is creative director at Eleven Brandworks, and who has worked closely on the campaign, tells afaqs! that the TVC depicts the ideal case of a young man without too much disposable income. "The father is the only source of income for such a person. He wants to purchase all the branded stuff. He is someone who does not have a job, or is just about to get a job," says Mishra.

Youth spends extravagantly on brands

In a recent survey conducted by Assocham (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India), it was revealed that young Indians are more brand aware than the previous generation, and they are spending extravagantly on top brands.

The study, conducted in ten cities, after interacting with 2,000 youngsters in the age group of 13-21 years, concluded that on an average, youngsters spend Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 on branded apparel every month.

Buying brands online

Shopping online offers several discounts, which a standard retail chain offers only during a sale season. But, even then, there are some reservations in the consumer's mind when it comes to shopping online.

Mishra also mentions how his client invested a lot of time in helping them understand the business. "In the end, we aim to convey that Yebhi is like a large shopping mall, brought to you in your living room, but not with the high price tags," he says. He also speaks about an interesting activity by on Delhi Metro. "We are trying to educate people about online retail and advantages of online retail in the context of Yebhi," says Mishra.

Online retail marketing space has become extremely competitive with several e-commerce websites mushrooming in the recent past. Yebhi has planned an aggressive campaign to further promote the portal through other media like radio, print and social media, apart from the TV campaign. The marketing budget for this year for Yebhi is estimated to be over Rs 15-20 crore.

Does your father cough up money?
Does your father cough up money?
Lucky indeed

The industry seems to have liked the concept, and the way in which the concept has been executed.

Sujit Das, executive creative director, Pickle Lintas, quite liked the film. "I feel it is quite different from the usual films that we get to see. It is humorous and a well-executed commercial," says Das. He also feels that the TVC has all the ingredients to get noticed. "Coming from the deep hidden truth or wish, it drives home the point effectively," he adds.

Ambar Chakravarty, co-founder and creative head, The Atomic Advertising Company, feels that the ad is very insightful. He says that while the other e-commerce portal ads speak about features of that website in terms of cash-on-delivery, cheap products, quick buying, and reliable home delivery, this ad actually touches upon what a consumer felt at some point of time in his life. "How many times have we thought about having a lot of money, or not care about buying something without bothering about the price tag? How many times have we desired to have a father like Lucky's rich father," enquires Chakravarty. He says that he thoroughly enjoyed the TVC, and feels that it is well-executed.