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Now, a sonic identity for brands

The company creates 'sonic' identity, also known as soundscape, for brands, based on a combination of audio and music.

Rajeev Raja, creative consultant, DDB Mudra Group and J Mani, former president, DDB Mudra Group have launched a sonic-based branding company called BrandMusiq. The company creates branding which is based on a combination of audio and music (also known as soundscape) and defines a brand's personality.

Now, a sonic identity for brands
Now, a sonic identity for brands
Explaining the concept, Raja, founder and soundsmith, BrandMusiq, says, "The whole approach is to understand the brand and its key values, which we call brand notes, and then look at how we can we present it as musical notes."

The created identity is based on the brand's archetype model. For example, some brands are creative, whereas others are rulers. Therefore, depending on the values and characteristics of a brand, different musical instruments are chosen to reflect its values. The branding is then embedded with a musical logo, or 'mogo'.

Mani, founder and brandsmith, BrandMusiq, says, "This part of the process culminates in a sonic manual being handed over to clients, which contains the sonic guidelines within which the brand must operate, be it in terms of genre, instrumentation, melodic and harmonic elements, and the use of voices, if at all. All of these create a consistent aural identity for a brand over time."

So far, BrandMusiq has created branding for CNBC Storyboard. The company also claims that it is working with two to three more brands.

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