Anushree Bhattacharyya

Countdown to Cannes 2012: JWT rides high on Times of India, Rin and Lifestyle

The agency is betting on its creations for the Times of India's Kerala launch, Rin 'Eraser' and Lifestyle's 'Baddie Bag'.

The world is moving beyond traditional advertising and moving on with this believe, JWT is reckoning on its creations submitted in the Promo and Activation category, for the Times of India 'Kerala launch', Rin 'Eraser' and Lifestyle's 'Baddie Bag'.

Kerala is known for its high literacy rate and already has a number of regional newspapers catering to the needs of readers. Thus, Bennett Coleman & Company (BCCL) had to do something rather different to make a mark during the time of the launch the Times of India in Kerala. As part of the strategy, JWT used 108 elephants across 10 cities to deliver the newspaper to households in the morning. Additionally, 126 boats were deployed across a stretch of 1,500 kilometres of backwater. In the boats people could read the newspaper along with a free cup of tea (chai); 180 Kalari warriors were roped in to deliver the paper in the morning.

Countdown to Cannes 2012: JWT rides high on Times of India, Rin and Lifestyle
The agency also conceptualised a campaign, 'A day in the life of Kerala', which provided a glimpse of the modern day Kerala.

Bobby Pawar, chief creative officer and managing partner, JWT is of the opinion that the unique work of the agency is bound to catch eyeballs.

For detergent brand Rin, the agency created an eraser in the shape and size of the detergent bar, to promote the brand's proposition of supreme whiteness. Based on the brand belief of the product, which can get rid of ink spots, dirt and stains, the eraser created had the same quality. The 'Rin' eraser was then distributed free in 100 schools. Used by the children, the Rin eraser made its way to many households, further influencing mothers to adopt Rin.

The activation for retail chain Lifestyle, called 'Baddie Bag', was in response to Bengaluru Municipal Corporation's ban on plastic bags. It saw the agency creating recyclable and reusable paper bags which Lifestyle launched as a product on sale. The bags created for the kids section were a little different as one could wear it as a mask. Children who visited the store with their parents were seen wearing the bags as masks.

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