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Advertising launches social game, The Big Clash

The online job portal has brought back its protagonist character Hari Sadu for a Facebook game, which has been inspired by the Indian participation at Olympics. launches social game, The Big Clash
Online job portal has released a Facebook game based on its strict and infamous protagonist, Hari Sadu. In the spirit of the ongoing Olympics at London, the game, titled 'The Big clash'
, allows users to play bouts of boxing, archery and shooting with Hari Sadu as the target!

Commenting on the initiative, Sumeet Singh, senior vice-president, marketing and corporate communication, Infoedge, says, "Social platforms have helped increase brand engagement, which is why we are leveraging this opportunity by launching a game which will give users a taste of these action-packed games. It will provide an opportunity for jobseekers to take a quick break between office hours, especially after a disturbed interaction with their Hari Sadu." launches social game, The Big Clash
The Facebook game has been chosen keeping in mind India's representation in the London Olympics in similar categories. These three multilevel games have been interestingly named 'Knock him out', 'Flex the bow' and 'Pull the trigger'.

Each of these games has three levels where the players get to assault Hari Sadu with guns, bows or gloves. Adding spunk to the game, Sadu does not keep taking these hits lying down, and responds with befitting replies to every blow. It allows players to challenge friends from their Facebook friend list and the community. Users can also keep a track of their scores and ranking vis-a -vis the other players through a live score board. It has been developed on HTML5 platform, thus making it user-friendly and compatible with all internet browsers.