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Windows 8 and Talaash use app for promotion

Microsoft will promote Windows 8 through an association with the upcoming Aamir Khan starrer, Talaash. Apart from augmented reality through print ads, the campaign also launched a contest to meet the actor.

To increase awareness about the features and encourage sampling of its new Windows 8 operating system (OS), Microsoft has associated with the upcoming movie Talaash, which stars Aamir Khan, and innovatively used intARact app in its print campaign.

Windows 8 and Talaash use app for promotion
The print ad, with a red background which instantly grabs attention, invites readers in bold headings that read, 'Join Inspector Shekhawat in his Talaash. With Windows 8'. The ad urges readers to download the free intARact app, specially customised using Windows 8 features and giving a peek into the forthcoming suspense thriller, to be released on November 30.

Taking the suspense forward, the app is activated by clicking the screen shot of Aamir Khan (dressed as a cop) through the mobile camera. The app then takes the user through various features of Windows 8 and, taking a cue from the movie, asks users to unlock a picture password based on Talaash.

Earlier, Microsoft had collaborated with Shahrukh Khan's movie, Don 2.

In addition to print ads, the campaign also created a buzz about the OS and the movie through the out of home (OOH) medium. Microsoft launched two contests to meet Aamir Khan - one on-the-spot contest where the audience present at a Windows 8 mall activation was asked to unlock the picture password based on the clues provided by the host. Three winners from Mumbai and Delhi were chosen to meet Khan. Meanwhile, Khan, dressed as Inspector Shekhawat, visited Microsoft stores in Delhi and Mumbai, where he interacted with the consumers.

In the second contest, which was pan India, customers, after being briefed about Windows 8 at mall activation sites, were asked three questions based on their experience of the OS. The best correct entries sent via SMS got an opportunity to meet Aamir Khan.

Designed by TELiBrahma, the app can be used on all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java. It recognises images/logos and delivers interactive engagements including 2D/3D multimedia contents.

Windows 8 and Talaash use app for promotion
Windows 8 and Talaash use app for promotion
"Considering posters are one of the most important promotional assets of a movie, intARact brings those posters closer to the audience, impacting the association. Further, intARact is a platform to integrate several promotional and revenue strategies for the movie that include promotion of other digital assets including ringtones and ticket sales, amongst other things," informs P R Satheesh, principal, TELiBrahma.

In Microsoft's print campaign, the newspaper was used as a springboard to the digital world and provided a glance of Windows 8 features like touch, picture password and so on, he adds.

Shafalika Saxena, head, central marketing group, Microsoft Corporation India says that both the OS and the movie have a lot of similarities as in a sense, both are innovative in their respective genres. "Aamir Khan's Talaash is the most awaited movie this season, which would redefine the genre of mystery thrillers. The new Windows 8 OS with its fast, fluid touch interface is also going to change the way we work on computers providing the users a new experience and a completely new thought process. Bollywood engages and influences youth and Talaash already has millions of views on YouTube. Since Aamir Khan is India's favourite opinion leader as per Indian bloggers (2012 Bloggers Mindset survey), we felt he was very much related to what Windows OS stood for - youthful, vivid and fluid. So, we zeroed in on him," Saxena explains.

According to Saxena, the goal of the association was to leverage the movie to excite consumers and attract them to retail outlets to check out Windows 8 devices. "Consumers can take a demo of Windows 8 across any computer store and share their experience on Windows' official India Facebook channel. Some of the best entries get to meet Khan. The campaign has employed various media such as above the line (ATL) including TV, print, OOH, digital and other below the line (BTL) activations. The campaign will be active for six weeks.

The app adopts augmented reality and adds a new dimension to consumer engagement. It was aligned with the print ad to bring alive the ad on readers' smartphones or tablets. The app showcases a picture password, enables the user to view Windows 8 and Talaash video promotions and connect to the social media site.

Windows 8 and Talaash use app for promotion

Saxena says regarding the intARact app.

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