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What makes Cannes so magical? - Part 2

Of all the creative award shows out there, there's a certain something about the International Festival of Creativity, Cannes. What is it that makes this festival the most magical one? Here's what our second lot of responders had to share.

What makes Cannes so magical? - Part 2
What makes Cannes so magical? - Part 2
What makes Cannes so magical? - Part 2
Komal Bedi Sohal

National creative director, Rediffusion-Y&R

Cannes is perhaps the most prestigious awards show for the industry. It brings together a community of the most prominent and celebrated creative minds from across the world. To have that calibre of people on the jury who then all agree and like your work has to be a great validation for any creative person. And it's not just one or two people - it's the majority that decides the vote. So that makes the Cannes Lions truly special.

To add to it, the setting and the environment are fantastic. It's a great place to network, meet inspirational people, get inspired, and get charged. The bars and nightlife are fantastic. There's a great energy to the whole event!

Manish Bhatt

Co-founder and director, Scarecrow Communications

Cannes Lions is the only award show, which is a festival as well. In the international format, Cannes Lions is one of its kind. It provides huge networking opportunity in all kinds of verticals and creates a world community in physical form. It is also held at an interesting location, which has a visible footprint of international celebrities. You also get an opportunity to see the who's who of the industry and hear their talks. And, meet your idols in physical form!

One of the best parts of the festival is the systematic exhibition of work that is on display. It's like worldwide sampling of best communication works. As a judge, you not only go through global creative works, but also have healthy debates with other jurors, which help you gain a worldly perspective.

K V Sridhar

Chief creative officer, Leo Burnett, Indian subcontinent

Cannes is the only award event that has a very large international jury. In the last 10-15 years, the jury has expanded and represents people globally, unlike D&AD, Andy or other awards. So, the cultural nuances are understood. With the participation increasing, Cannes has become far more inclusive than other awards. Also, the exotic location has it going for it.

Cannes is also the only festival, where organisers take opinion and advice of all the industry leaders, jury members, past and present, to make the festival better and beneficial for everyone. As a result, Cannes has bettered itself every year and the winners set the gold standard in the industry with everyone recognising and following them.

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