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Delhi Press goes on ground with Champak

Delhi Press recently concluded the 6th edition of Champak Creative Child Contest.

Delhi Press-owned children's magazine, Champak recently concluded the sixth edition of its Champak Creative Child Contest which got more than 1.5 lakh kids to participate from 400+ schools across 39 towns. The activity was spread across a period of 10 months.

Delhi Press goes on ground with Champak
Delhi Press goes on ground with Champak
Delhi Press goes on ground with Champak
The Grand Finale for the contest was concluded on April 26 in New Delhi, where more than 1,800 children participated in a day-long event that included on the spot painting and writing competitions.

Pepsodent was the presenting sponsor and Avon Cycles was the associate sponsor of this mega event. Kids from all parts of India including Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Agra and Indore participated in the finals.

Paresh Nath, editor-in-chief and publisher, Delhi Press Group, says, "Children should inculcate the habit of expressing themselves through drawing as well as words. This contest enables children to come on a national platform and compete with other children and see their performance."

The event was organised in three stages - School Round, Zonal Finals and Grand Finale.

The Grand Finale event needed children to participate in either writing or a drawing contest, as per their choice, with the list of subjects being announced on the spot with a deadline of one hour.

The contest was held in multiple batches and a total of 30 judges were involved, which included editorial teams of Champak and other Delhi Press magazines, and other external judges.

The contest format was divided into two segments, one for the school-level winners and the other being the Happy Times Contest for all other kids, who came to the Grand Finale event directly as wild card entries. Each of the two segments was split in two groups - Junior Group (Class III - V) and Senior Group (Class VI - VIII). To encourage both writing and drawing skills individually, each group had a separate winner list for creative writing and drawing entries.

Finally, a total of 48 winners were chosen across eight categories.

The top 12 winners from the nation-wide Creative Child Contest, and the top four winners from the Happy Times contest (wild card entries) received a high-end tablet.

Besides the tablets, all the first, second and third prize winners in the main contest received cash awards of Rs 5000, Rs 3000 and Rs 2000. Additionally, there were five consolation prize winners for each of the categories with a cash prize of Rs 500. Similarly, even in the Happy Times Contest, the winners received cash prizes of Rs 3000, Rs 2000 and Rs 1000 each for the first, second and third positions and Rs 500 each as consolation prize. Besides this, all the winners received medals, certificates and gift hampers.

Atul Sinha, category head, oral care, Hindustan Unilever, says, "Pepsodent's mission is to inculcate good oral care habits with consumers and most importantly children and this contest helped us to engage with kids to make them learn better oral care habits. We aim to continue learning better oral care habits through fun activities and increase our footprint year on year."

Other than the contest activity, the Grand Finale had some attractive fun elements like Pepsodent Activity Zone, Horlicks Kesar Badam Game Zone and Avon Cycle Activity Corner, which were enthusiastically attended by hundreds of kids.

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