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Eureka Forbes Makes Water from Air

Eureka Forbes, a water purifying brand, is running an experiential campaign in Mumbai with Aquaguard Canters.

Water conservation is an important subject, although it is not top-of-the-mind for the common man. With India is facing problems such as water shortage or contamination, the need of the hour is to look for more non-conventional ways of sourcing and utilising water to do away with the scarcity and contamination.

Eureka Forbes Makes Water from Air
Eureka Forbes Makes Water from Air
A government report projects that by 2015, 334 million Indians will lack access to safe drinking water. Also the Indian Meteorological Department (MET) has forecasted this year's monsoon to be the lowest in four years.

In a bid to spread awareness on the need to combat water scarcity, Eureka Forbes has undertaken an on-ground campaign demonstrating innovative and alternative ways to produce pure drinking water from air.

Vandana Verma, V.P., Leo Burnett, says, "The brief from the client was to showcase the technology they posses in the water purifying domain. There was no sales activity and our target audience was everyone as they all need water."

The unique, experiential campaign introduces a breakthrough technology that converts thin air to pure, healthy drinking water. The air water generator is designed and developed by Aquaguard, a water purifier brand in collaboration with Mumbai-based WaterMaker.

On an average, Aquaguard Canters (each Canter will tour 16 strategic locations in Mumbai) convert 120 litres or 500 glasses of pure, healthy water from air. The WaterMaker machine uses refrigeration techniques, capturing water vapour before it touches the earth and provides a localized source of pure water without any connection to pipes or catch basins. It works on electricity or alternate sources of energy to condense, collect, filter and dispense pure, healthy drinking water. The machine works most effectively in warm areas with high humidity.

The air water generator is designed to produce water as per the rated capacity when average temperature is 25ºC-32ºC and relative humidity is between 70 and 75 per cent Rh. The output goes up with an increase in humidity and vice versa. The large atmospheric water generators in the machine have inbuilt chiller systems to maintain the temperature of the water at 8ºC-13ºC.

Speaking about the initiative, Marzin R. Shroff, CEO, direct sales and senior VP, marketing, Eureka Forbes, says, "Our Aquaguard air-to-water initiative is in line with our mission to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment to our consumers. This campaign is an endeavour to showcase futuristic and market-changing concepts which will safeguard both consumer and environment interests." The activation is carried out by the Orchard Advertising, an activation arm of Leo Burnett.

Eureka Forbes is a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group and its product portfolio encompasses water purification, vacuum cleaning, air purification and home security solutions. It has a reach of over 450 cities and towns in India and a global footprint across 35 countries.