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Kellogg gifts breakfasts to children

The breakfast cereal company successfully culminates its Breakfast Pledge initiative by gifting 4,00,000 children with breakfasts across several cities.

Kellogg India recently completed the Kellogg's Breakfast Pledge initiative that was kick started in January, 2014 by gifting 400,000 breakfasts to school children across the country.

Kellogg gifts breakfasts to children
Kellogg gifts breakfasts to children
Kellogg gifts breakfasts to children
In January 2014, the brand launched the initiative and called upon people through various touch points to take a pledge to eat breakfast every day; with every pledge, Kellogg's would gift a breakfast to a child.

This was successfully culminated by partnering with United Way of Mumbai (UWM).

400,000 Indians together pledged their support and the company delivered on its commitment, by gifting 400,000 breakfasts to children in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

The breakfast consisted of a pack of Kellogg's Anaaj Ka Naashta and milk along with a bowl and spoon. Reinforcing this exercise, an educational module on the importance of breakfast was also included to highlight the ill-effects of meal skipping and inadequate food intake particularly at breakfast time.

Kellogg gifts breakfasts to children
Speaking about this initiative, Sangeeta Pendurkar, MD, Kellogg India, says, "In line with our vision of creating a healthier nation, it is our responsibility to ensure that young India gets the right start to their day with a nutritionally adequate breakfast. We hope we have made a difference with the gifting of 400,000 breakfasts to children and are grateful to Indians for believing in the Power of Breakfast and pledging their support for this initiative. Besides advocating the importance of breakfast, at Kellogg we have been building the goodness of grains as part of a balanced breakfast through our communication 'Anaaj Ka Naashta, a solid start for you'."

Jayanti Shukla, executive director, United Way of Mumbai (UWM), says, "This initiative also helped them appreciate the significance of starting the day on a healthy note with a nourishing breakfast. We have seen a significant creation of awareness amongst children in schools across India and hope this initiative will go a long way in helping Indians understand the importance of a nutritionally adequate breakfast."

In 2013, Kellogg India supported the 'India Breakfast Habits Study' which showed that 1 in 4 Indians claim to skip breakfast and a whopping 72 per cent have a nutritionally inadequate breakfast.

Post this revelation, Kelloggs embarked on the Power of Breakfast Initiative with the intent of spreading the awareness about the importance of breakfast among Indians.

In India, Kellogg is primarily focused on educating the Indian consumers about the importance of breakfast cereal by driving the 'goodness of cereal' agenda. Kellogg is known for its flagship brand Kellogg's Corn Flakes with its range of five variants positioned to all members of the family.

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