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No Price for Trying

A health and fitness equipment store is running an activation where it is inviting people to try the equipment at free of cost for a few days without any hidden catch of buying it.

Total Sports and Fitness, a Maharashtra-based health and fitness equipment chain has come up with a promotional initiativr where it is urging people to go for the equipment trials for any sport they like, for a few days without paying even a single penny.

No Price for Trying
No Price for Trying
There is no compulsion for the user to purchase the product and he is allowed to use it for a few days before returning it. One has to only pay a deposit fee for the product which acts like a guarantee (mostly around 25 per cent) but it is returned to the user once the user either returns the equipment or buys the product.

Speaking about the initiative, Anuj Kanakia, director, Creative Cart (the agency that designed and executed the campaign), says, "Most working professionals want to take up some kind of sporting activity in their routines but are unable to do so due to lack of time and extreme work pressures which in long term result in health issues. And also since most people do not know what sport they would like or dislike without actually trying, they get apprehensive into putting money behind it for purchasing the equipment."

The brand, with this activation, wanted to inculcate a routine of sports in the society along with the word of mouth promotion and higher footfall to the stores.

"People love to try things out before making up their mind - like a fragrance, drink or a dress. So why not bring this to the world of sports and fitness too?" asks Khushnuma Sheth, creative director, Creative Cart.

The activation started on December 12 and the chain claims to have been getting a good response. The activation will continue for three months.

Niteen Shah, owner, Total Sports and Fitness, says, "We want to create a culture for sports in India so that people take in a proactive manner but not as a reaction to the problems."

The equipments availabke for trial include cycling, tennis-squash rackets, football, basketball, cricket bats, hockey sticks and others.

The activity will be promoted via social media ( and print media (the advertisements will begin).

Total Sports and Fitness has eight retail outlets with seven in Mumbai and one in Pune. It deals in all kinds of sports and fitness equipments.

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