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Fevicol continues patch-up job

The brand connected with 30,000 carpenters and woodworkers and made life a bit easier for several NGOs, schools and hospitals by fixing their furniture for free.

Pidilite's adhesive brand, Fevicol, recently carried out the fourth edition of Shramdaan Divas, a daylong activation across schools in India. The annual activity included more than 30,000 woodworkers and carpenters fixing furniture at more than 600 NGOs, schools, hospitals, institutions and organisations for underprivileged children across the country without charging anything. Last year, 22,000 woodworkers reached out to 325 institutes.

Fevicol continues patch-up job
Fevicol continues patch-up job
This was a pan-India activity executed on December 20th. The workers and contractors donated a day's labour free of cost to repair and refurbish furniture. Organised under the aegis of the Fevicol Champions Club (FCC), the activity impacted lives of over 50,000 children in more than 180 cities.

Pidilite extended its support to the woodworkers and contractors participating in Shramdaan Diwas, by providing all the participants with the tools and materials required for carrying out their repair work.

Vivek Subramanian, CEO, Fevicol Division, Pidilite Industries, says, "Shramdaan Diwas is a unique community initiative where we can witness daily wage earners such as woodworkers and contractors forego their livelihood for a noble cause. Due cognizance must be paid to this fact as these individuals themselves are not economically empowered, but are taking this valiant step to help society using their skills and intellect."

The school authorities said, "Our school needed a makeover. The carpenters not only repaired the broken furniture, but also provided the kids with a comfortable environment to study."

Mahesh Thakkar, a participating carpenter, says, "Our motive was to provide assistance to the children to get basic education in a comfortable environment. Many of the institutes are not in a situation to afford the repair cost. Though this we contribute in our small way."

FCC is an exclusive club for woodworkers and contractors undertaken by Pidilite Industries. There are 380 such clubs, which have over 40,000 members. Established 2002, FCC serves as a platform for carpenters and their families to learn and enhance personal and professional skills to expand their business. It also helps their spouses and children to develop a hobby, apart from engaging in various social and cultural activities.

The club also organises a host of social welfare activities including Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan - a cleanliness drive in various cities, Maha-Mela - a platform for woodworkers to come together and gain technical knowledge, Shiksha Samman - a scholarship programme for students of class 10 and 12, and FCC Maha Milan - a networking opportunity for office bearers of various chapters to come together.

In the past, various activities have been undertaken by the club such as training workshops, self-development programmes; medical camps, blood donation camps, pulse polio, eye check-ups as well as celebration of religious festivals and social activities.

Pidilite Industries' product portfolio has adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, craftsmen products, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products and polymer emulsions. It also manufactures paint chemicals, automotive chemicals, art material and stationery, industrial adhesives and organic pigments and preparations. Some of Pidilite's popular brands are Fevicol, M Seal, FeviKwik, Fevistik, Roff, Dr. Fixit, Sargent Arts, Hobby Ideas and Cyclo.

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