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Infectious wins creative mandate for Wunderbar Kids

The agency will be handling creative communication for the chain of new-wave preschools.

Infectious has been appointed as the communications partner for Wunderbar Kids, a chain of new-wave preschools that believe in putting children in charge of learning.

Infectious wins creative mandate for Wunderbar Kids
Infectious wins creative mandate for Wunderbar Kids
Ramanuj Shastry, co-founder & director, Infectious, says, "We relish the challenge of doing work that will make parents take preschool learning seriously. It's always hugely satisfying doing work that will positively influence lives."

Adds Nisha Singhania, co-founder & director, Infectious, "Wunderbar Kids is a preschool which believes in changing lives of kids by making learning a pleasure. We are honoured to partner them in this journey and look forward to doing some great work."

Wunderbar Kids forayed into education in 2004 with the opening of Vishwajot High School in Navi Mumbai. Wunderbar Kids was born out of the realisation that the current preschools are ill-suited to cope with the massive learning potential of children between 0-5, whose brains are still developing. It started as a mission to transforming 100,000 lives by 2020, and, with it, the whole preschool education.

Prasad Dhumal, co-founder and CEO, Wunderbar Kids, says, "We are determined to transform 100,000 lives by 2020, by developing a life-long love for learning in our kids. We needed a communication partner equally passionate about this mission and crazy enough to think we can achieve this together. After meeting Ramanuj and Nisha, we realised Infectious was the right partner to help spread our message and educate parents on the massive learning potential of their kids."

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