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Scotch-Brite lets consumers scrub for free grub

The dishwashing scrub brand executed an innovative campaign to give consumers a hands-on experience of the product.

Scotch-Brite, the scrub-sponge brand owned by 3M, recently launched an innovative on-ground activity in Mumbai where participants could quash their bill at an expensive restaurant by merely washing a few utensils.

Titled 'Wash Your Bill', the campaign was executed in four cities across India - Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru. The brand tied up with Barbeque Nation and gave people the option of washing their dishes instead of paying their bill. This is the first time ever that 3M Scotch-Brite has created such an exclusive experience over a meal.

Scotch-Brite lets consumers scrub for free grub
The 'Wash your Bill' activity is part of a campaign launched by 3M Scotch-Brite scrub pad, wherein the brand is attempting to reach out to the consumers by giving them a hands-on experience of the product.

The brief to the agency was to make it lively, engaging and fun for the consumers. The task of dishwashing is something that is usually done by the wife at home. By making husbands come forward and take the challenge, the brand managed to put a smile on the faces of the wives.

Scotch-Brite lets consumers scrub for free grub
DS Sachdeva, director, consumer business group, 3M India, says, "In a category where every benefit is attributed to the agent (powder, liquid), it was important for us to engage with audiences, to showcase the superiority of our product - Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge - that combines the cleaning efficacy and longevity of a scrub pad, along with the rich grip and lather generating ability of a sponge. And, through a moderate investment, we were able to organise a fun-centric and low-cost 'try it for yourself' action for Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge."

The campaign targets all the women in the world who want a smart cleaning tool that makes a boring task like dishwashing so easy that it transforms the drudgeries involved into an enjoyable experience. "From the response we have been getting, we think we've managed to do that quite well," adds Sachdeva.

3M plans to become the leader in the household cleaning tool category by providing the highest quality products to its consumers.

"We will be looking at making our innovative tools available to the consumers, making them understand the product superiority and thereby providing the right solution to their household cleaning needs. We will continue to plan such interesting and engaging campaigns that will make consumers understand the superiority of our products," Sachdeva informs.

3M India is the Indian subsidiary of 3M Corporation that was established in 1988. 3M Electro & Communications India is a privately owned subsidiary of 3M Corporation. Together, these two companies market over 7,000 products in India in healthcare, industrial, retail, construction, transportation, energy, utilities, mining, general office and home sectors.

The company's manufacturing facilities in India are in Bengaluru, Pimpri (Pune), Ranjangaon (Pune), Ahmedabad & Pondicherry.

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