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4700BC introduces whacky and eccentric gifting ambassador Mr. BC

Mr. BC is a fresh, humorous, tongue-in-cheek character all set to rock the floors with his wit, charm, and dynamism.

In a world cluttered with celebrity-led announcements, here comes an exciting innovation from India’s Premium Snacking Brand, 4700BC. In its first-ever digital campaign to mark the gifting season, 4700BC introduces its eccentric, madcap character, Mr. BC who is forever seeking fun and humor. An unconventional, uptown & whacky fellow who has a love for novelty experiences, is forever disrupting parties and gatherings, and is always spotted with a 4700BC tin in his hand. The character personifies the brand’s love for disrupting the category since its inception and this latest offering is their unconventional style of pepping up the gifting season.

The campaign aims to establish a strong connection of the brand, 4700BC with innovative gifting offerings for the consumers and urges them to - ‘Make the most of the present.’ Engaging anecdotal scenarios about gatecrashing will be introduced as part of the campaign. Heralded by Mr. BC who chose a gangster’s retirement party to make his unpredictable, yet grand entry in a unique attire and swag. The film spotlights different scenarios of the party where Mr. BC is constantly involved in madcap acts - either calling out ‘I-Spy’ to a guest wearing an eye patch or using a mirror for showing a guest’s card to the other members playing poker. Throughout the party he remains unobjected by the host for his witty activities until he is asked by an inquisitive guest about the strange man, the host smirks and is intrigued by the gift Mr. BC brought, a 4700BC tin, and was impressed.

Surpassing the traditional visual cues, Mr. BC’s personality not just stands out because of his comic nature but accentuates the color schemes used in the background and his attire. The color theory helped in personifying different elements in the film. Everything red in the film- indicates aggression, dominance, and strength except Mr. BC, who is in green demonstrating new beginnings, growth, and renewal, telling us he is not meant to fit in the situation. The representation of the film is distinctive like the protagonist, based on non-ad style and excerpts like a trailer. The film will be aired across PVR and all digital platforms including popular OTT and social media platforms.

“At 4700BC, we have always endeavored to win hearts through relatable and relevant content. Our social handles are replete with issues, topics, and anecdotes which resonate with the millennials. Our brand talks to them and hence this year for the gifting season, we wanted to tell a novel story to a generation that is drawn to unique & unconventional gifts. If we had to appeal to their taste, the communication too had to be highly richly novel & groundbreaking” - Chirag Gupta, Founder & CEO.

“Right from the moment we conceptualized the campaign, we wanted to make a film, not an ad. We, as storytellers, wanted to bring in a format of communication that defies all the cliches. Right from the visual & color theory to the character-driven narrative, the latest campaign has a groundbreaking template in advertising. We are immensely proud of the in-house Brand & Creative team (average age of 22) to have masterfully mounted this stellar communication with the character Mr. BC in an era where the huge dependency on celebrities is seen” - Abhishek Kumar, Brand Head.

Creators: 4700BC’s In-house Brand & Creative team

Brand & Creative Team: Chintan Pandey, Ritika Patodia, Nikunj Verma, Ravisha Sarupria, Noor Khatra, Sparsh Bansal, Sarthak Rawat, Medhaj Mohta, Saksham Veer Singh, Aviraj Datta, Kushagra Tomar, Godai, Fatima Arif, Vanshika Rehani, Vikram Kakkireni, Abhishek Kumar

Production House: Good Vibes Entertainment

Directors: Pranjal Vaid & Anya Ghai

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