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Tango Media launches StarStar

Tango Media, part of Mogae Media, has launched the technology solution to help brands connect with their target audience through mobile.

Tango Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mogae Media, (a provider of integrated mobile marketing services), has launched an innovative technology solution called StarStar, in order to establish a better and quicker connect between the brands and their target audiences.

Tango Media launches StarStar
StarStar (**), a patented technology is a mobile solution, designed to enhance the Call-To-Action (CTA) of a brand. The technology requires customers to dial the name of the brand or the generic category to get connected to the brand of their choice, rather than dial a number, which is usually the norm, with reference to any brand. Through StarStar, one does not need to remember short codes, toll-free numbers, web uniform resource locators (URLs), Quick Response (QR) codes or missed call numbers of any brand. For example, when one dials **BREAKFAST (**273253278) one can reach Kellogg's. Similarly, when one dials **BANK (**2265), one can reach YES BANK.

StarStar works across all major mobile operators, on all feature phones and smartphones, and requires no internet connection or data connectivity while still being able to bridge the gap between brands and consumers through one of the most important modern day touchpoints - the mobile.

Tango Media launches StarStar
"The biggest problem with brand advertising has always been customer amnesia. Even after a brand spends crores advertising its connect number, in the moment of reckoning, when the customer actually wants to buy the product, he/she does not remember the number to call! We are merely solving that problem of forgetfulness," says Sandeep Goyal, chairman, Mogae Media.

He continues further, "StarStar is like owning your mobile domain much like you own a web domain. Star TV has, for example, taken **STAR (**7827), and Urban Clap, the young market place start-up, has booked **URBANCLAP (**872262527). Similarly, Discovery has invested in **TV (**88). Soon, StarStar (**) will be to mobile what hashtag (#) is today, to the world of social media. We have signed up a dozen clients, and at least another 40-50 should be on board very soon."

The company says in a press note, "For brands, it is a golden opportunity to establish that connect with their consumers, where 80-90 per cent of the response to all advertising is lost in the complexity of response mechanisms, and of course, to the customer's forgetfulness and memory lapse. StarStar (**) is live in beta test mode. The product is expected to go commercial live later this month."

Mogae Media claims to have been at the forefront of innovative mobile solutions since 2006. Tango Media, the subsidiary of Mogae Media, estimates to service about 100 clients with 300-400 domains between January and March this year. Targeting to cross the Rs 100 crore mark by December 2016, the founding team is bullish on the latent potential of StarStar that it claims will surely emerge as a phenomenon very soon.

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