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Comedy video on condoms, chemists, and contraceptives gets over 60,000 views in a day

Ever wondered why the guy who stands behind the counter at your neighbourhood medicine store is always more confident than a doctor?

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Varun Thakur, a stand-up comedian from Mumbai, tells you about the awkwardness of buying condoms in India -- from the bizarre flavours offered, to the terms people use to describe condoms. He tells you why 'chemist' is a wrong term adopted by the Indian population, as well as the harsh brand names contraceptives have!

Thakur also wonders why the guy who stands behind the counter at a local medicine store - whose only qualification is that he knows where the medicines are kept - is always more confident while prescribing medicines to his customers than a doctor who will ask his patients about symptoms a few times before writing them a prescription!

The video has so far received over 60,000 views on YouTube since its launch on April 12.

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