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Shopmatic seeks creative agency

The e-commerce company has been working with Wunderman, a digital agency.

The Shopmatic Group, a Singapore based e-commerce company that helps merchants with online business, has invited creative agencies for a pitch. Although a few agencies have come up with plans, it is still at the briefing stage with the pitch scheduled for next week, informs the company.

Shopmatic seeks creative agency
Shopmatic seeks creative agency

The Group, which is currently working with the digital agency Wunderman, now plans to extend its reach beyond just digital. Elaborating on why the company is on the lookout for a creative agency, Shenaz Bapooji, chief marketing officer, Shopmatic Group, says, "We are working with Wunderman, and though digital is fulfilling in itself, it can be limiting. We find a need to expand and are, therefore, looking for a media-agnostic kind of a pitch which is not just digital. This is an opportunity for agencies to come up with the best ideas for the brand."

Discussing the company's expansion plans, she further adds, "We are looking at an agency that can provide us 360-degree marketing solutions. We have plans to launch in three more countries so there is a lot of action. Whoever comes on board will have an exciting journey with us."

When asked if the company's looking for a global agency to provide services, Bapooji says, "I haven't put the global-local kind of a clause in the mix, but however, the people we have spoken with have enough capabilities to manage the global work from here. It does help people who have either their offices or connections in other countries because local insights do help in the mix."

The company currently has businesses in India, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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