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Paytm guns for cashless, corruption-free economy in new I-Day film

The film has been released online.

Corruption is rampant everywhere, especially when it comes to getting official paperwork done from some higher authority in the Indian bureaucratic set-up. And, greasing palms of higher-ups in organisational set-ups such as government offices, and schools is quite the norm.

Paytm guns for cashless, corruption-free economy in new I-Day film

Aimed at changing this regressive mindset and 'to work towards India's freedom from corruption', as it calls it, is the mobile wallet and e-commerce platform Paytm. The e-commerce company has released an Independence Day special film that furthers the company's existing thought 'Cash nahi Paytm karo' that has been released online on the company's YouTube channel on August 10, 2016.

The one-and-a-half minute-long film takes us through three commonly experienced situations which are presented in a different light to deliver the message clearly.

The first predicament is of an interaction between two men in an office where one of them offers the other a parcel wrapped in a newspaper, which at first appears to be cash. It later turns out that the parcel contains food, and not cash.

The second instance shows a traffic policeman dealing with errant bike riders and how a face mask offered by another rider to the policeman on duty even in the pouring rain helps set things right between them.

The third situation deals with the issue of donation in schools. In an interesting twist, the box, which is to be given away for donation contains books instead of cash. All the situations end with the message 'Cash nahi Paytm karo'.

Paytm guns for cashless, corruption-free economy in new I-Day film

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Jaskaran Kapany, vice-president, marketing, Paytm, says, "The video is true to our cash-free nation message. With our app allowing seamless digital cashless transactions possible across all major consumer touch-points - from 'kirana' shops, to paying school/college fees, auto fares, and electricity or gas bills, the dependence on cash and all its associated evils is considerably reduced. The messaging of 'Cash nahi Paytm karo' is our humble attempt to signify how we are working towards India's 'freedom from corruption', which is also a strong Independence Day message."

Paytm, the consumer brand from One97 Communications, is a mobile payment and e-commerce platform which also has plans to launch its payment banking services soon.

The Paytm wallet stores money in a safe and secure way and helps users to make all utility payments such as mobile phone and DTH recharges, post-paid bills, and electricity bills with one single click. Paytm has also become the preferred mode of payment at a host of partner destinations such as Uber to book cabs, buy movie tickets, make payments at fuel stations, book automobiles online, pay the fees at educational institutes, or book flights and hotels.

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