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Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention

A quick look at some of the memorable Diwali ad films from this year's lot.

It's Diwali, when the festive season peaks and brands want to make that big impact in the minds of viewers for a high brand recall. And, like every year, this year too, several brands put in their effort and money to make some interesting Diwali-based ad films. We, at afaqs!, present you the 10 Diwali-based ad films that grabbed our attention.

1. Manyavar

In this latest ad film for Manyavar, Indian cricket star Virat Kohli is shown talking about the traditional way of celebrating Diwali with family and friends wearing western clothes. Kohli is shown having sweets that are made of 'desi ghee', but feels something is missing when suddenly the electricity goes off. When the lights are back, Kohli is seen in traditional kurta and pyjama. In a sort of rhetoric, he says, what's Diwali if you don't wear a kurta-pyjama on the occasion.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
2. nearbuy

In its new ad film #GiveLoveBack, the online coupons and deals platform nearbuy surprises restaurant server Sophie during this Diwali by gifting her a tip of Rs 5,000, an open air ticket to her hometown Manipur, and six months of home rent to appreciate her hard work. In the film, nearbuy gifts Sophie all this by setting up its employees as diners at the Brewbot restaurant where she works, and who in a thanksgiving gesture offer Sophie some wonderful gifts such as those mentioned.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
3. Reliance Fresh

In its new ad film #BadiDiwali, a lady house owner is shown decorating her house with Chinese lights for Diwali. Her maid insists that she will do it, but the lady asks her to clean the guest room instead since guests are expected. The maid then sees her employer making 'gajar ka halwa' and asks her who the guests are, but the lady changes the topic and asks her to get out the dinner set instead of the daily plates that are used. The bell rings and the lady asks her domestic help to open the door, who on doing so is taken aback to find that the guests are none other than her parents. Her employer then wishes her a Happy Diwali with the voiceover saying 'Dil Bada toh Diwali Badi'.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
4. Snapdeal

In its new ad film Iss Diwali, Unbox Zindagi, the online shopping platform shows a grandson gifting his grandparents a tab, a family of three (husband, wife, and a kid) gift their driver a cushion so that it supports his back while driving the car, and the daughter of a lady police officer gift her mom a pair of earrings on the occasion of Diwali.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
5. Amazon

In its new ad film, the online shopping platform Amazon shows a father come home late just the night before Diwali and the daughter complain about it. He then shows his daughter on his old and outdated smartphone the gifts that he has chosen for everyone except for his daughter as he is confused about what to choose for her. She asks him for a phone and he reacts by saying just now you bought one, to which she retorts that if he is not interested then why did he even ask? The next day, the father gifts his daughter the phone, but she says that the phone is not for her but for him. She tells him that when he does so much for others then why not for himself, and tells him not to adjust all the time as she wishes him a Happy Diwali.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
6. Pepperfry

The online furniture shopping brand Pepperfry's latest ad film 'Is Diwali, Kuch Badalke Dekhiye' shows an army officer posted to a new place, who on visiting his room, is happy to see that the person with whom he is to share his room was once his trainer, but, when he mentions that the latter is least interested. While unpacking his clothes, he notices there is no cupboard for him like his roommate has so he puts his clothes back in the suitcase. But, when he returns to his room on the day of Diwali, he is surprised to see a new wooden cupboard from Pepperfry -- a Diwali gift from his senior roommate.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
7. Lenovo

The computer and mobile manufacturing brand, in its new ad film BACK SEAT, shows a driver of a tourist car pick up his son on the night of Diwali and tell him (the son) to sit behind and not beside him on the front seat. As the son sits behind, he sees a surprise gift for him and when he opens it there is a Lenovo laptop, even as the father is happy watching him in the rear view mirror. He then tells his son that the people who sit behind every day in his car whom he addresses as Sir/Madam are the ones who work on laptops and whenever he sees them, he imagines a similar future for his son. The son is extremely touched on hearing this while the voiceover says, "This Diwali, let's celebrate a brighter future for our loved ones with Lenovo Miix 310".

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
8. Maruti Suzuki

The car brand, in its new ad film #OneChange, shows a Tamilian husband ask his wife for Mysore Pak (a sweet) on the morning of Diwali to which she says it will be ready by evening. The son, who is watching tells his mom that since there is no holiday for her even on Diwali, takes her out in his Maruti Suzuki Celerio for shopping, gets her some milkshake, and buys Mysore Pak and offers it to his father in the evening. The mother is worried because she hasn't prepared the sweet, but the father after having the sweet tells his wife that even after 31 years the sweet tastes the same! The family laughs and the voiceover says why not make someone happy this Diwali. Maruti Suzuki Celerio is celebrating this one change.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
9. Dunkin Donuts

The donut brand's new ad film #NayiShuruat is about a child not being able to accept a stepmother after his mother's death even though she is good to him. The child constantly avoids her and that makes her (the stepmother) sad. On Diwali, when the father offers a Dunkin Donut to the child, the stepmother asks the boy if they can share a donut, but he refuses. Later, when he is in the kitchen, he sees the donut and as he is about to eat it he sees his stepmother walk away disappointed. The boy eventually keeps half the donut in front of her and goes to his bedroom with a smile and the film ends with the subtitle 'Nayi Shuruaat, Nayi Mithaas'.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
10. Ola

The app-based cab-hailing service recently launched its ad film #DriveRageAway: Fireworks of a different kind. The ad film shows how people end up fighting and get abusive and violent in a road accident and as they fight, the noise of different kinds of firecrackers is used innovatively in the film. The film ends with the message 'Diwali needs more light, not more fireworks. #DriveRageAway.

Recently, there were some interesting Diwali ads by the OTT player Netflix, mobile brand Oneplus, and Surf Excel as well.

Diwali Round Up: Spots that grabbed our attention
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