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Mahesh Chauhan responds to Nearbuy's open brief with FB video

FB Live is becoming the new platform to call for - and respond to - pitches, looks like.

Few days back Ankur Warikoo, founder of Nearbuy, a discovery and transactions platform, went live on Facebook to let agencies know he is looking for the right partner.

Mahesh Chauhan, who runs an agency called Salt Brand Solutions, has responded with a similar eight-minute-long Facebook video of his own.

Mash, as he is fondly known in the industry, begins with, "...Welcome to what I would imagine is the first live pitch in the world," going on to thank the client for the opportunity.

After talking about things like the pitch fee and the process of pitching, he says, "...Let's meet up, share ideas and see if we have the right chemistry..."

Mash also clarifies, "This is not a sales pitch; we have a category-defining idea... we'd like to share this idea, face-to-face..."

"...Clients make agencies great; it's not the work, it's not awards, it's not people... it is clients," Mash says, going to add that Ankur is one such.

"We believe you can make Salt great. We would like to have that chat with you..." he says.

He ends with, "We'll try really hard, we'll give it our all. We're probably the underdogs in this pitch.... Underdogs know they are winners, and they have one little thing that everyone else doesn't - hunger. Here's a hungry team... " (at this point Mash moves the camera towards his team; everyone applauds).

Recall that Mash announced the launch of Salt in 2011, before which he worked at Rediffusion as group CEO.

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