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ASCI introduces Independent Review Process

Appoints justice Mukul Mudgal (Retd. chief justice of Punjab and Haryana, High Court) as chairman to handle Independent Review Process.

In a recent development, The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has introduced an Independent Review Process, a procedure that facilitates an independent mechanism to review the recommendations made by Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) if either the advertiser or the complainant is dissatisfied with such recommendations.

ASCI introduces Independent Review Process

The new Independent Review Process will have a chairman, who will be a retired judge of the Supreme Court/High Court, assisted by the secretary general/chief complaints officer, along with the chairman or co-chairman who was involved in the CCC recommendation and a technical expert, where necessary. Currently, justice Mukul Mudgal (Retd. chief justice of Punjab and Haryana, High Court) has been appointed by the self-regulatory organisation as the chairman for all Independent Review Process cases henceforth.

ASCI introduces Independent Review Process

ASCI has also appointed Dr. CBS Venkataramana, IAS (Retd.), as the chief complaints officer, who will play a vital role in driving complaint redressal and 360 degree stakeholder interactions. Serving as an Indian Administrative Service officer for about 33 years, Venkataramana has undertaken several important assignments at the State Govt. and Central Govt. level. In his role as the CCO, Venkataramana will be responsible for managing complaint lodging, investigation, redressal and follow up processes for effective compliance of ASCI codes.

Commenting on these initiatives, Srinivasan K. Swamy, chairman, ASCI, says in a press release, "ASCI is constantly evolving and seeking effective measures to enable self-regulation in advertising and compliance to ASCI codes. The inclusion of the Independent Review Process mechanism creates transparency for both advertiser and complainant in further facilitating fair judgement of complaints. Further, the appointment of Dr. Venkataramana will go a long way in ensuring speedier and more effective complaint redressal process."

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