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Medlife appoints Soho Square as creative agency

The account was won post a multi-agency pitch.

In a recent announcement, Medlife has appointed Soho Square as creative agency. The account was won by the agency post a multi-agency pitch. The business will be handled out of the agency’s Bengaluru branch.

Medlife appoints Soho Square as creative agency

Tushar Kumar, CEO, MedLife, says in a press release, We’ve always wanted our customer-facing communication to be easier, more joyous and for it to put a smile on faces. We wanted to drive home a short and simple communication to our potential customers that MedLife stands for the best ethics, best pharmacy practices, best service and most honest prices. Being a customer-centric company, this definitely had to be part of our first mass marketing campaign!

Medlife appoints Soho Square as creative agency
Sumanto Chattopadhyay

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, chairman and chief creative officer, Soho Square India, says in a press release, “It is exciting for us to work with one of the pioneer online pharmacies in India. We hope to play a role in helping them grow and prosper. While this is still a nascent category, it is one with tremendous potential; helping Medlife unlock this potential will be a very interesting journey for Soho Square.”

He adds, “Given the size and volume of India, like any other consumer sector, the consumption in health care is huge. Only 1% of our country buys medicine online. With this opportunity ahead of us, our mandate is to create awareness and grow the category rapidly. The product on offer is truly advanced, which we believe has the potential to change the way India consumes medicine. This collaboration has already got us excited and we cannot wait to begin seeing what they have in store for us!”

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