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YouTube FanFest to be held across 5 cities in India

The event will be held at Hyderabad (March 3), Chennai (March 4), Bangalore (March 10), Delhi (March 17) and finally in Mumbai (March 23).

In a recent announcement, YouTube FanFest, which bring together some of the YouTube stars across the world on one stage for live shows, is going to be held across five cities in India. The event will be held at Hyderabad (March 3), Chennai (March 4), Bangalore (March 10), Delhi (March 17) and finally in Mumbai (March 23).

The 2018 edition of the YouTube FanFest is being co-produced by Branded and sponsored by 5-Star, Sprite, Hero and Maruti Suzuki Nexa.

Satya Raghavan, entertainment head, YouTube, India, says in a press release, “Indian creators are on a meteoric rise. Last year, we only had 12 creators with 1 million subscribers. This year that number has grown to 100. That’s 7 creators crossing 1 million subscribers every single month. What’s even more incredible is the diverse nature of the platform that welcome creators from all parts of the country. We are seeing more creators coming from smaller cities and finding a nationwide and global audience on YouTube. Now in its fifth year, YouTube FanFest has truly become a showcase for talent that everyone aspires to be a part of and brings together the best of India and the world on the same platform.”

He adds, “This is the first time YouTube FanFest is coming to multiple cities across India and that’s because we want to celebrate the diversity and passion of YouTube communities in the country.”

Jasper Donat, CEO of Branded, co-producers of YouTube FanFest, says in a press release, “This FanFest is going to see the biggest line up of YouTube stars in more locations than ever before. More stars, more cities, more fun and more screaming fans in one of YouTube’s largest Asian fan bases.”

Over the years, Indian YouTube creators have captured the imagination of youth and got fan love from around the world. This year’s live show and festival, will witness more than 21,000 screaming fans in the audience across five cities, who will get face-to-face with over 55 YouTube stars, local internet sensations, and up-and-coming talent, performing live on stage.

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