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IPG launches marketing and communications agency - LiquidIndia

An agency equipped to cater to the needs of both mainstream clients and start-ups.

IPG launches marketing and communications agency - LiquidIndia


The Interpublic Group (IPG) declares the launch of its agency LiquidIndia Advertising & Digital Communications to manage the communication requirements of start-ups and mainstream clients with its wide-ranging services.

On the launch, IPG’s spokesperson, Mr. Vivek Sharma said, “IPG has been mulling over the fact that with the emergence of start-ups there is a need for a specialised agency model to comply with their specific needs. Start-ups need a whole new partnership model. A partnership model that goes beyond advertising to product and service consultancy as well”.

“With a wonderful team of writers, art directors, audio visual content creators, creative strategists and marketing consultants who will think, create and produce tailor-made brand solutions, IPG hopes to build a varied client portfolio under LiquidIndia,” he added.

(This information has been taken from a press release)

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