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Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?

EarlySalary has come up with a fictitious ‘Month-End Collection’ to tide you over till payday.

Many of us are familiar with the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” But month end salary shortage woes generally mean eating all three meals like a pauper. EarlySalary is a fintech company that wants to put an end to those month end woes. Branding themselves as an innovative lending platform, the company has worked with Dentsu Webchutney to come up with a series of 10 video ad films for their fictitious ‘Month-End Collection’ product range.

Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Sudesh Shetty
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Pravin Sutar

The campaign has a conversational tone to it and the USP they want to emphasize on is that you can get instant cash in minutes. Sudesh Shetty, Head – Marketing, EarlySalary says, “with Webchutney coming on board, the clear focus for both of us was to create engaging content that our TG can associate with. A lending product that caters to Millennials and Gen Z can be fun and quirky. We are really excited about this project as both - content & the tonality is something that should work well with our audience.”

Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Aalap Desai

The Month-End Collection is a special line of fictitious products that works on one basic principle - being broke shouldn’t get in the way of living your best life. The range of products include quirky items like a Biryani perfume that makes steamed rice smell like biryani and wanderlust vision binoculars that let you go on a vacation from the comfort of your home. All the ads have a very different tone according to the ‘product’ they’re selling but all of them end with the common tagline “Yeh sab jugaad-jhanjhat chaddo. Download the EarlySalary app no?”

Pravin Sutar, executive creative director, Dentsu Webchutney points out that all brands in the financial services category have a tendency to be ‘serious’ with the tonality of their advertising. He talks about how it was a conscious choice to go the opposite way in order to stand out. “We conceptualized each product keeping in mind the unfulfilled wishes of the consumer during month end to build a strong relevance with them” he says.

Aalap Desai, senior creative director, Dentsu Webchutney added, “We deliberately chose humour and sarcasm to convey the message because that’s what 25-somethings today are heavily into. We couldn’t be preachy but we needed to tell them that if they want their wishes and dreams to be fulfilled, they either need to buy the hilarious Month-End Collection products or just download the EarlySalary app. The solution was as simple as that.”

Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Biryani Perfume: This fictitious product can help make steamed rice smell like biryani
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Wanderlust vision: Vacation too expensive? Not anymore
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Food Mat: This Food Mat makes sure Instagram feeds stay pretty
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Glass: Glass half empty? Not anymore
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
tshirt: If this product was real, it would make a 10/10 fashion statement
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Bag: Look posh even when it's just for grocery shopping
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Trailer: When you want to be entertained, but all you can afford is a trailer
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Painting: Being broke doesn't mean boring home decor
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Stickers: Being fancy on a budget
Did this brand just say ‘biryani perfume’?
Poem: That's one way of being romantic

Agency Team

EVP & Branch Head: Nishi Kant

Executive Creative Director: Pravin Sutar

Senior Creative Director: Aalap Desai

VP Client Servicing: Harsh Shah

Senior Brand Strategist: Pragati Rana

Associate Creative Director- Copy: Yash Kulshreshtha

Associate Creative Director- Art: Ananda Sen

Senior Art Director: Aabhaas Shreshtha

Senior Visualiser: Soumya Ganesh

Account Manager: Shweta Bajirao

Senior Copywriter: Animesh Mathur

Copywriter: Sandipan Deb

Copywriter: Anirudh Venugopal

Account Executive: Yash Dugar

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