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Durex, Fevicol, Hotstar among brands teasing Game of Thrones fans

Some brands are finding creative ways to seat themselves on the iron throne...

Netizens from all over India woke up at 6:30 a.m. on April 15 to catch the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. The show has been running successfully for seven seasons and considering its enormous fan base, it’s not surprising at all that brands want to reference the show in marketing and ad campaigns. This list isn’t exhaustive, but here’s some of the brands who are riding the Game of Thrones wave to send their message across...

1) Hotstar

Hotstar Premium allows users to stream Game of Thrones along with the rest of the world and in the days prior to the show, they’ve been quite active on social media, the days before the show released, posting memes and short teaser videos.

They also ran creatives on the theme of spoilers...

Durex, Fevicol, Hotstar among brands teasing Game of Thrones fans
Hotstar's way of warding off spoilers

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Durex, Fevicol, Hotstar among brands teasing Game of Thrones fans
This Hotstar billboard references a famous dialogue on the show

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2) Fevicol

The brand best known for holding things together surprised fans when they posted this creative referencing a line that a character discussed in the first episode of the final season.

3) Johnnie Walker

White Walkers are the name of ice monsters/zombies that come from the far north of the fictitious continent Westeros. Since Johnnie Walker shares a part of its brand name with the name of these zombies, a collaboration seems like a no-brainer.

4) Flipkart

The creative that Flipkart put out was a clear nod to the title – ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ This is what George R.R. Martin titled the book series that Game of Thrones is based on. Considering that Flipkart started out as an e-commerce platform that sold books, this can be seen as a nod to its roots.

5) Durex

The condom brand always comes up with tongue-in-cheek copywriting and this time was no exception.

6) Tinder

How far would you go?

7) JioSaavn

JioSaavn took the opportunity to create a Westeros inspired maps that have genre playlists spread across different locations.

8) KFC

The Colonel called dibs on the throne...

9) Tic Tac

Speaking of white walkers...

10) M.A.C Cosmetics

The makeup brand had its own take on the iron throne

11) Godrej Nature’s Basket

The grocery and fresh food store introduced a new entrant in the battle against summer...

12) Cinthol

Speaking of beating the heat...

It’s interesting to note that it’s not just brands that sell products, but a couple of dating apps have gotten in on the action too. Tinder India in a press release recently informed us that Game of Thrones was the most frequently mentioned show in bios. International dating app OkCupid went a step further and let users discover GoT fans among themselves by providing an option of displaying a badge on their profiles, stating that they’re official fans of the show.

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