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Hajmola pulls an Amul; puns on Game of Thrones’ coffee cup blooper

Hajmola makes a reference to the coffee cup that was accidentally left on the Game of Thrones set while filming...

A cup of takeaway coffee has been causing quite a stir in the last few days. The cup made an appearance on HBO’s popular show Game of Thrones – a show set in medieval England. Fans everywhere lost their minds over it. Ever since the episode was aired, HBO has digitally erased the errant cup from the scene, but the conversation around it continues. Dabur's Hajmola made a reference to it, making a Hindi pun on the topic.

Hajmola pulls an Amul; puns on Game of Thrones’ coffee cup blooper
The coffee cup that was accidentally left on the table while filming
Hajmola pulls an Amul; puns on Game of Thrones’ coffee cup blooper

Hajmola’s take on the incident was reminiscent of how Amul puts out topical toons. The cartoon was simple, but it clearly wanted to make a statement.

HBO responded to the incident as well...

Emilia Clarke took to Instagram to make a tongue-in-cheek post about the incident.

This isn’t the first time a blooper like this has happened

So why is the cup such a big deal?

By the way, the cup doesn’t even belong to Starbucks. It belongs to a local coffee shop in Belfast, Ireland, called Paper Cup reported By way of free advertising, NBC reported that Starbucks made close to $2.3 billion. NBC also mentioned that a social listening app called Talkwalker counted more than 1,93,000 mentions of Starbucks and “Game of Thrones” on social media, blogs and news sites within 48 hours of the episode being aired.

Co-Founder, Venkatesh Rangachari had a different point of view. In an article on his Linkedin page, he points out that bloopers are nothing new to cinema, and implies instead that the reaction from fans could be an indication of how they’re feeling about season 8 – the of the popular show.

Here is an edited excerpt from his article.

GoT for the pasut 8 years was a story being built forwards. We all walk into the final episode of the trilogy knowing its all ending here. It’s the toughest test of production. How does the experience then still continue to lift the audience up? And distract them from the impending closing credits so they can still take home unexpected exhilaration.Rarely do movies succeed in this.

Season 8 has by all accounts failed to do this. It’s been unable to lift the audience above the sense of “the end”.

But I see a cup that shouldn’t be there and that’s fine for me point out.Stupid people left a cup behind that shouldn’t be there. Suddenly loads of people are joining me and saying “Stupid people, left a cup behind!” When they just want to say “you muppets killed one of the most intense story telling experiences”.

You can read the full article here.

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