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The battle of 'Shot Ons' – OnePlus vs iPhone

Apple India recently released its India-centered 'Shot On' themed ad film for iPhone XS. But, a rival brand has already been tooting around the town with its own 'Shot On' tricks.

Apple India's latest ad for the iPhone XS is in line with the brand's 'Shot on' series of commercials. The iPhone was probably among the early proponents of the 'Shot on' tag, but it has been widely used by most smartphone brands while showing off their respective camera capabilities. The latest Apple 'Shot on' ad rides on India's obsession with cricket and has been released against the backdrop of the ongoing World Cup.

The battle of 'Shot Ons' – OnePlus vs iPhone
Shot on iPhone XS - Our Game
The battle of 'Shot Ons' – OnePlus vs iPhone
Shot on iPhone XS _ The Reef, Maldives

The film - 'Our Game', is a compilation of shots of various cricket scenarios right from the professional net practice to a bat swinging Buddhist monk. However, it is also interesting how the camera-centred ad doesn't have close-up shots of the lenses or CG visuals of the breakdown of the camera system - the aperture, lens etc. It leaves the visuals and the claim - 'Shot on iPhone' - to do all the talking with a subtle Apple logo at the end.

Globally, Apple sanctioned short documentary-like films in line with 'Shot On'. In India, smartphone brand OnePlus, like the iPhone, has been trying several tricks to get the 'Shot On' message across.

The battle of 'Shot Ons' – OnePlus vs iPhone
Behind the Scenes - #ShotonOnePlus7Pro Sacred Games Season 2

Only recently, OnePlus, Apple's rival partnered with streaming platform Netflix for a dedicated 'Shot On' campaign. Netflix released a couple of posters for the second season of its hit series ‘Sacred Games’ that were shot on the OnePlus 7 Pro, the brand's latest flagship model.

The brand also collaborated with FilterCopy to create a short 'cutting' sketch. OnePlus created a content plugin to show off the handset’s camera quality.

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