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Xiaomi celebrates India chapter in new video

The four-minute-30-second long video illustrates the key milestones of Xiaomi India's journey so far.

Smartphone marketer Xiaomi India has launched its brand film - '#NoMiWithoutYou' - to celebrate its five-year journey in India. The video, unlike a typical smartphone ad highlighting the product design and functionality, illustrates the key milestones of Xiaomi’s journey with multiple creative illusions in each frame and captures several Mi Fans in multiple shots. The film also integrates the momentous ‘Kiska Baja’ campaign at the end of the film.

Xiaomi celebrates India chapter in new video
5 years of Xiaomi ad
Xiaomi celebrates India chapter in new video
A Safari to Remember- Kiska Baja ad
Xiaomi celebrates India chapter in new video
Kiska baja? Operation Theater ad
Xiaomi celebrates India chapter in new video
Kiska baja? ad by Xiaomi

The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Xiaomi’s brand marketing team and Humour Me, a boutique creative agency.

In a press release issued by the brand, Anuj Sharma, chief marketing officer, Xiaomi India, was quoted as saying, “We wanted to create an impactful film complementing our India chapter. The insight came from playing with all milestones visually and yet retaining a common theme across. We used various visual illusions throughout the film, such as the Ames effect in the smartphone market share segment. The entire film has been shot in one set, over a few days with the help of a hardworking team and several Mi fans.”

Surprisingly, Manu Kumar Jain, global VP Xiaomi and MD Xiaomi India, who of late has been a part of many of brand's communication, especially on social media, is not a part of the video.

The press release highlights the following milestones achieved the brand:

1. Xiaomi’s India journey started in 2014 with Mi 3.

2. Mi 3 sold 10,000 units on the first sale within seconds and crashed Flipkart because over half a million people came to purchase the device.

3. In August 2015, Xiaomi joined the Make in India initiative.

4. Today, Xiaomi has seven smartphone manufacturing plants which employs over 20,000 employees of which over 95 per cent are women.

5. Xiaomi has ~50 per cent market share in the online smartphone market, as of Q1 2019 as per IDC.

6. Redmi Note series went on to become the most successful smartphone series and sold over 12 million units in 2018. Independently, Redmi Note became the fourth largest smartphone brand of India.

7. became the third largest e-commerce brand for smartphones in Q1 2019 as per Counterpoint Research.

8. Xiaomi has also been the number one fitness wearable brand for five consecutive quarters, with over 40 per cent market share in Q3 2018 as per IDC.

9. Mi Community has over five million registered fans on Mi Community (; and over 15 million unique Monthly Active Users.

10. Xiaomi is a proud holder of two Guinness World Records:

a. Largest Light Mosaic in 2018

b. 500+ Mi Stores opened simultaneously in rural areas

11. Xiaomi’s offline smartphone market share grew exponentially from zero to ~20 per cent by Q4 2018.

12. Xiaomi has over 1500+ (2000 currently) authorized service centers in India across India

13. Xiaomi India’s smartphone market share has grown constantly and is currently the number one brand for seven consecutive quarters as per IDC.

14. Xiaomi is also the number one Smart TV brand in India since Q2 2018, as per IDC.

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