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Frito-Lay lays its bet on Saif and Kaif

Frito-Lay has roped in film star Saif Ali Khan and upcoming cricketer Mohammad Kaif as brand ambassadors for its flagship brand, Lay’s Potato Chips

Frito-Lay India - the manufacturer of snack brands Lay's, Lehar Namkeen, Lehar Kurkure, Cheetos and Uncle Chipps - has roped in Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan and upcoming cricketer Mohammad Kaif as brand ambassadors for its flagship brand, Lay's Potato Chips. Both star endorsers have been signed up for a period of one year. And to top it, the company has launched a new flavour that bears the names of the two endorsers - Saif-n-Kaif Hot & Sweet Chilly Caribbean Style - to coincide with the ICC World Cup 2003.

As brand ambassadors, Saif and Kaif will promote the Lay's brand, and will be involved in the ICC World Cup promotions that Frito-Lay will be running in the month of February 2003. The duo will also feature in the new advertising campaign that revolves around the ‘irresistibility of Lay's chips' and ‘the passion for cricket in India'.

Speaking about how Saif and Kaif are a good fit for the brand, Manu Anand, managing director, Frito-Lay India, says, "Lay's personality is warm, mischievous, light-hearted, fun and endearing - values that Saif Ali Khan has popularised in his film characterizations. In addition, research with the core target audience (13-18-year-olds) indicates that Saif is relatable, and brings with him an ease and a boy-next-door's natural wit and charm. He is seen as a guy who infuses fun in any situation."

On the other hand, Kaif symbolises the fiery spirit of young India. "The NatWest win established Kaif as a gritty cricketer to reckon with," Anand continues. "Together, Saif and Kaif represent the two contrasting values which are embodied in the flavour experience." The contrasting personality traits of the two stars are seen as being core to the twin taste in the new flavour.

Incidentally, a multimedia campaign for the new flavour broke on Friday last. While the ad spends on the campaign is not known, company officials indicate the total ad spend for the year to be in the vicinity of 10-12 per cent of the total sales of the Lay's brand (at retail price) - which currently totals Rs 150 crore.

Besides, being involved in the mainline activities, Saif and Kaif would also participate in various promotions and new flavour launches. "This will keep the buzz around the brand alive, and the company will deliver on its promise of providing continuous excitement to its consumers through its products, promotions and ad campaigns," explains Anand. © 2003 agencyfaqs!

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