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7Up launches a campaign reinforcing new brand positioning ft. Rashmika Mandanna

The 7UP TVC will be amplified across TV, digital, outdoor, and social media with a 360-degree campaign.

7UP, unveils its new summer campaign featuring brand ambassador and superstar Rashmika Mandanna.

The film showcases Rashmika’ s experience with 7UP as it brings alive the brand’s new positioning ‘Super Duper Refresher’ across India.

Opening on a sunny, sweltering day, the new film features Rashmika requesting a shopkeeper for a 7UP. The shopkeeper gives Rashmika a chilled bottle of 7UP, but he does so with caution, which leaves her puzzled. Rashmika opens the bottle of 7UP®, and the scene shifts to a distant glacier, where a blob of water, creatively depicting refreshment, begins to form and then travels across snow-clad mountains, moving towards Rashmika as she brings the bottle closer to her mouth. The bottle of 7UP® here is like a magnet that pulls the ultimate source of refreshment towards you, irrespective of where you are. 

The blob, now a massive bubble of refreshment, grows larger by the second.  As Rashmika opens the bottle, the bubble of refreshment rushes towards her with even greater speed. The shopkeeper, foreseeing what is going to happen next, opens an umbrella as the bubble of refreshment approaches. The bubble ultimately bursts over Rashmika in the middle of the market, leaving her drenched in water, signifying the exhilarating feeling of refreshment that 7UP® can bring with every sip. The film cuts away to the bottle of 7UP® and the new ‘Super Duper Refresher’ positioning.

Speaking about the new campaign, Naseeb Puri, senior marketing director, Flavours & Energy, PepsiCo India, “There’s nothing consumers seek more from our category than refreshment and, with this new campaign, we’re placing 7UP bang in the middle of the refreshment narrative. 7UP, with its sparkling lemon and lime flavour , is not just a refresher - it’s The ‘Super Duper Refresher’ that uplifts you, be it on a hot summer day or at any other moment when you simply need a lift. Rashmika’s bright energy is ofcourse the perfect pairing for 7UP.  We’re confident that consumers will love this new campaign as it rings so true to everything that 7UP stands for.” 

Commenting on the new TVC launch, brand ambassador, Rashmika Mandanna said, “I am delighted to be associated with 7UP, a brand that has been a refreshing influence in our lives for years. It was such a fun experience working on the film, which is a burst of super-duper refreshment and leaves you wanting for more.  I cannot wait for my fans to see me in this new avatar.”

The 7UP TVC will be amplified across TV, digital, outdoor, and social media with a 360-degree campaign. 7UP® is available in single/multi-serve packs across modern and traditional retail outlets as well as on leading e-commerce platforms with its sparkling lemon and lime flavour.

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