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82.5 Communications launches Ghadi detergent campaign

82.5 Communications has launched a new campaign “Why soak your clothes for half an hour?” for Ghadi detergent. It’s time to ask, “Why soak your clothes for half an hour?” The New improved Ghadi detergent powder is out there to change the age-old belief that you need to soak clothes for at least half an hour for effective cleaning. The New Ghadi’s Mahashaktishali formula now has Shakti-booster Granules that begin deep cleaning of your clothes instantly. Ensuring women spend less time in washing clothes and get more time for themselves. This is the largest and biggest change that the brand is undergoing since inception. It’s more than revamping the product and packaging but an evolution of the brand tonality and imagery.

Speaking on this Rahul Gyanchandani JMD RSPL said, “at RSPL we are committed to keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do. We constantly push ourselves to meet not just the expressed but even the latent needs of our customers. With the changing times, we knew that the woman of today is hard pressed for time and we wanted to make her life better. Therefore, I am pleased to inform the launch of our new formulation. This is not just an evolution, this formulation will make a real difference to the consumer’s life. I congratulate the team for a massive campaign Bachchan talking about the problems of the consumers and offering a solution to it with India's No.1 Ghadi detergent powder.”

Mayur Varma, chief creative officer 82.5 Communication added, “I am excited to be a part of the launch of new Ghadi detergent powder which is going to fundamentally simplify the way mass India washes clothes. An unprecedented offering needed an unprecedented image. Thus, was born the idea of Amitabh Bachchan in a bucket questioning, ‘Kapadon ko aadhe ghanta kyun bhigana padta hai?’ We are hoping this stark image will urge consumers to question the norm too and appreciate the technology advancements in the new Ghadi.” As per Chandana Agarwal, President 82.5 Communication North and East, “The brand takes the big bold step of questioning a norm that has defined the category usage - The 30 minutes of soak time. This norm is not just questioned but broken with great aplomb. “Ab kapdo ko aadha ghanta bhigona kyon?” is the central thought of the campaign. We are very proud and excited to be a part of this new 'Ghadi'. The ambitious campaign has been shot by Apocalypso Productions.”

Preeta Mathur, executive creative director 82.5 Communication North added, “Soaking clothes and then waiting seems like you are tied to the bucket and are stuck. For this, we got Big B in a bucket along with other women! Tired of being stuck he breaks free and introduces the new Ghadi detergent powder with Shakti boosters that starts working on the clothes instantaneously and frees women to do more. A lot more is coming as part of this massive new Launch, keep watching this space. Here’s hoping that India shall be soon questioning the norm and asking, ‘Ab kapdo ko aadha ghanta bhigona kyon?”

Credits :-

Kapil Arora – CEO and Co Chairman

Mayur Varma – Chief Creative Officer

Chandana Agarwal – President North and East

Preeta Mathur – ECD North

Account Management

Anuj Sharma

Shradha Narang


Abhilasha Mathur

Production House: Apocalypso Productions

Director: Kshiteej Dua

Creative Prodcuer: Pradeep Sarkar

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