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A 2D animation film to drive the importance of social distancing in lockdown 4.0

Tata Wiron worries about possible resurgence as farmers can now begin harvesting and seeding activities.

When you put the world's most gregarious animal locked inside its home for a prolonged period, the urge to get out and mingle with others of its kind becomes a near obsession. Even if provided a bit of leeway, this animal can tend to forget all rules, go outside and mingle, despite explicit instructions not to.

We are talking about human beings during the Coronavirus, of course.

Tata Wiron, a brand of Global Wires India, one of India’s largest wires manufacturers in the world, was worried about the negligence of rules once relaxations of restrictions surfaced. In particular, it was worried about the agriculture sector and the farmers.

"... the government has allowed to begin their harvesting and seeding activities with several norms being relaxed to a large extent to strengthen this foundational sector. This then becomes a focal point of a possible resurgence of danger and the farmer community must safeguard themselves in order to protect the people of their land," said the press release.

So, Wunderman Thompson South Asia for Tata Wiron conceptualised a 2D animation film made in Hindi and English, 'Wise Little Birds' conveys a serious message of social distancing through simple and positive light-heartedness.

“Commenting on the film, Anurag Pandey, Chief of Marketing and Sales, Global Wires India said, “For Tata Wiron, the farming community has always been at the core of our retail segment and all our activities are pivoted around it. Tata Wiron’s Wise Little Birds is yet another attempt to protect the ‘precious jewels’ of our nation. I hope this relevantly timed film acts as a constant reminder to the entire human fraternity in general to maintain safe social distance which is even more crucial now, with economy trying to march back to normalcy.”

“The challenge was exciting, to convince our planet’s most gregarious animal, humans, to restrict their natural behaviour. We took it on and imagined the current world situation from the lens of another specie who are famed to ‘flock together’. If they can stay apart, why can’t we?”, cheerfully remarked Arjun Mukherjee, ECD & VP, Wunderman Thompson, Kolkata.

Vijay Jacob Parakkal, Senior VP & Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson said, “We are very thrilled to start our association with Tata Wiron. This is a very timely and relevant message for our farmers as they bounce back to work.”

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