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^ a t o m’s #SoneyKaAlarm campaign for Setu Nutrition’s Sleep Range helped increase sales by 508%

Setu handed over the mandate to ^ a t o m with a 2 fold brief.

Setu Nutrition carries the hallmark of expertise in the universe of dietary supplements. Just recently, it launched a range of melatonin strips - a non-habit forming sleep solution available across their website and all leading marketplaces.

It aims at serving a restful dose of sleep to new age Indian consumers suffering from massive screen time exposure which wrecks havoc with our natural sleep cycle and body clock.

Given the stressful life we already lead, from managing work from home and balancing personal life, sleep becomes an important prerequisite for healthy vitals related to heart, skin, vision, and most importantly, mental wellness

Setu handed over the mandate to ^ a t o m with a 2 fold brief- To create awareness on the importance of sleep and also to grow the business exponentially.

^ a t o m worked on the simple observation that the world is designed to keep us awake and how we have to fight it naturally. The creative execution of ‘Soney Ka Alarm’ gathered enough eyeballs (ironically) and led to a 508% jump in business performance in 45 days of the campaign go-live. The campaign gathered insights on the imperativeness for setting an alarm not to just wake up, but also to go to sleep.

The interactive campaign used a very personalized approach to help a person sleep, simply by logging on the website and setting an alarm and the engine kept pushing a reminder to sleep.

Explaining the concept.. Aditi Chakravarty, head – brand marketing, Setu says, ‘The lockdown lifestyle has made the simple and crucial experience of falling, and staying, asleep–something of a luxury. Also, how the harmful blue light from our devices deplete the body's natural sleep hormone- Melatonin- is a lesser known fact. We at Setu Nutrition wanted to celebrate Melatonin as the body’s very own sleep alarm and erase the consumer stigma around modern sleep solutions, all this while moving the needle across the funnel for our Sleep Plus Portfolio.

Team atom has done a fantastic job with the brief, with extremely effective content pegs that showcases our flagship product - Setu Melatonin ( orally dissolving strips - as the natural nudge consumers need to fall asleep and wake up fresh! The significant uptake of our Sleep nutrition products is testimony to the campaign's impact and we aim at extending it further with more partnerships and a one of a kind contest in the coming weeks.

The campaign was done in 3 phases, each with a fresh twist on the ‘importance’ of difficulty’ to sleep.

Yash Kulshresth, national creative head, ^ a t o m elaborated - “According to Hastings, "Netflix's biggest competitor is sleep". We are helping him, and others win by turning into nocturnal beings sans daytime sleep. Our disregard for sleep is alarming. About time, we had an alarm that reminds you to sleep! From launching digital films to creating a campaign for people who snore and keep everyone awake, we had a great time crafting this digital campaign. In the year of sanitisers and insurance growth, we're glad that #SoneyKaAlarm has helped a new category like Melatonin grow by 5x. It is a proof of concept of what ^ a t om stands for.”