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AbhiBus launches new ad campaign to celebrate unexpected journeys

The witty series of four ads highlighting ghosts, bosses, and biryani, is live across TV and digital platforms.

AbhiBus, an online bus-ticketing platform in India, has launched a new ad campaign that celebrates the thrill of last-minute adventures and unexpected travel plans. The series of four ads showcases the ease and convenience of planning spontaneous journeys through the AbhiBus app, for even the most whimsical or unconventional travel aspirations.

The new ads are launched across TV and digital platforms.

In the first ad titled Moksha, two adventurous friends encounter a hitchhiking ghost seeking salvation. Their spontaneous journey, facilitated by AbhiBus, lands them in Goa, where they find themselves partying alongside their ethereal guest, proving that celestial desires can indeed be fulfilled at a moment's notice.

Following this, the second ad Oopar Oopar takes a routine employee appraisal to hilarious heights as the boss encourages 'aiming higher, leading to both boss and employee bonding amidst snow-clad mountains, enabled by AbhiBus' effortless booking.

The third ad Kathor Tapasya presents a meditating sage's singular craving for Biryani, as the app assists in the sage's gastronomic quest to Biryani Land, demonstrating seamless travel even for ancient sages.

The fourth ad A New Beginning showcases a young man's transformative journey prompted by a surprise wedding invitation, highlighting AbhiBus' knack for facilitating impromptu trips and life-altering experiences.

Speaking on the campaign, Rohit Sharma, chief operating officer, AbhiBus, said, "In today's fast-paced world, we understand that the desire for spontaneous travel experiences is on the rise. Our new ad campaign embodies the essence of these impromptu adventures and highlights how AbhiBus is here to make them effortlessly possible.”

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