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ACC launches ‘Bharosa Atoot’ campaign promoting unwavering trust

The campaign honours and acknowledges the dedication and sacrifices made by armed forces.

ACC, the cement and building material company of the Adani Group, has launched its latest campaign. The film ‘ACC Bharosa Atoot’, takes viewers on a journey that captures a range of emotions and experiences, with trust as the cornerstone.

ACC’s latest campaign honours and acknowledges the dedication and sacrifices made by the armed forces. The storyline begins with an airplane's shadow touching down on an airstrip. Following this, the army is shown marching forward. Their unity is captured when two hands meet in a handshake – a silent declaration of the trust soldiers places in each other, which is emphasised by the words ‘Bharosa Lagta Hai’.

The narrative takes a turn as it shows an army man returning to his family. As his daughter rushes to envelop him in a hug, the scene encapsulates the pure, unadulterated bond between a father and daughter. A mother looks on, her eyes reflecting a mix of pride and emotion, her smile capturing the essence of family and the ties that bind. Navigating through the hill road on a serene drive, the narrative captures a mother's gentle guidance steering her family home, while a reassuring touch from the father underlines their shared journey. Adding another dimension to the tale, the vast expanse of a concrete bridge and dam emerges. The movie ends culminating with the entire family coming together and leaving the message - ‘Ghar bhi bharose se banta hae’.

Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said, “From urban megastructures to every home, ACC has played an instrumental role both in India’s growing infrastructures and in the lives of common people. Through this film – 'Bharosa Atoot', we would like to take people on a journey of why we build what we build. A journey to show the positive impact of our company on the lives of millions of Indians and the nation. A journey of winning the unbreakable trust of India.”

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