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ACKO offers a ‘Welcome Change' from traditional insurers 

The digital insurer has launched three ad films to educate consumers about bike insurance.

ACKO, a digital native insurer, has launched a series of ad films highlighting the benefits of buying insurance directly from an insurer. The ad films educate consumers about the benefits of purchasing and renewing hassle-free bike insurance through the ACKO app in a fun yet informative manner.

Conceived by Leo Burnett Orchard, the ads films use an engaging and explanatory tone with a hint of humour to highlight benefits like zero commission, zero paperwork, instant renewal, and extensive savings. It positions ACKO as a 'welcome change' from the traditional insurers. 

The new campaign focuses on three segments - young individuals, people living in tier II towns, and women. 

"We want to change how people view these segments while educating them on the benefits of buying insurance directly," said Ashish Mishra, executive vice president - marketing, ACKO.

The core insight behind the campaign are the preconceived notions such as youngsters are usually irresponsible and don't care about safety, smaller towns are not digitally savvy and don't use apps, and the choice of renewing insurance is still with the men of the house. ACKO, with these ad campaigns, wants to break the stereotype.

The first film depicts a father pulling his son's leg about buying a new bike while being concerned about the new bike insurance. To the father's surprise, the son had already purchased insurance from the ACKO App and saved money on premium. The ad film aims to break the notion that young adults are irresponsible by portraying the protagonist as a responsible son who makes the wise decision to purchase insurance ahead of time. This provides comfort to his father.

The second commercial begins in a bank, with the bank manager looking irritated because the traffic police issued him a ‘challan’ (fine) for a lapsed bike insurance policy. So the bank manager asks his colleagues for a 'juggad' (quick fix) to renew the policy. Shocked at the manager's request, his colleagues make a cheeky comment and suggest keeping up with the changing times. He is told that everybody uses the ACKO app for all their bike insurance needs which is quick and offers zero commission. 

The data gathered by ACKO shows that this narrative has shifted, and it is not completely correct to say that people in tier II cities are not digitally savvy. ACKO is celebrating societal change through this slice-of-life-humoured film.

The third ad opens in front of a café in Mumbai where two friends are seen chatting on the street while the third friend enters the scene and apologizes for being late. She tells her friend that she couldn't bring her bike because her bike insurance had lapsed and her father was busy; therefore, he couldn't renew it. Mockingly, one friend tells her that she can easily renew her bike insurance through the ACKO app the same way she buys a hundred other things online.

Through this film, ACKO encourages women to buy insurance independently, as they make informed choices and buy other items online. Empowering women to make insurance decisions without any assistance from men is a change that ACKO wants to highlight through this film. 

"We at ACKO are trying to fundamentally change the way people buy insurance in India. We believe that a huge part of the country's population is still unaware of the benefits of buying insurance directly from a trusted insurance provider," said Mishra.

The ad films will go live on September 23rd and will be amplified on TV, social and digital. Platforms have been selected based on the tonality of the films in order to maximize the impact of messaging across target groups.

Pravin V Sutar, creative head, Leo Burnett Orchard, said, “ACKO has disrupted the industry in the last three years by changing how people interact with the insurance industry. 'Welcome Change' is an excellent plank for ACKO that allows us to showcase the change that ACKO brings to the insurance category and also allows us to spectate and comment on the changing dynamics of our audience. With our campaign, we decided to spotlight the nuanced cultural and societal changes happening all around us. For example, women are not financial bystanders anymore; they are empowered financial decision-makers. Young people don't lean on their parents for financial advice, and they are becoming financially aware and active. Even people who were dependent on other people's advice are now taking financial matters into their own hands. ACKO insurance is here to make insurance simple and easy for everyone."

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