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Actor Vijay Verma encourages consumers to 'Test What You Trust' with Lizol

The brand has launched a scale testing challenge to question consumer trust in phenyls and provide evidence on their germ kill and cleaning efficacy.

Lizol, a disinfectant brand, has launched a unique scale testing challenge – Test What You Trust to question consumer trust in phenyls and demystify their efficacy with factual evidence on germ kill and cleaning. Consumers today test all kinds of products before making a purchase decision. However, they tend to rely on generational trust and familiarity for homecare products like floor cleaners and disinfectants, associating the strong pungent smell of phenyls as a proof of their germ-kill and cleaning efficacy.

The brand has roped in popular actor Vijay Varma as the face of the campaign to engage consumers and draw attention to the inadequacy of their trusted phenyl brands. In the witty film, Varma highlights the quintessential behaviour of an Indian consumer who closely evaluates every product before making a purchase but falls short when it comes to phenyls.

Urging consumers to question this decision and bust myths around efficacy of phenyls, Varma invites consumers to submit their preferred phenyl brands that will undergo testing in independent ISO-certified labs with other phenyls and Lizol. Results from the test, communicated through a series of ads, will reveal the truth of which product provides superior cleaning and disinfection.

Vijay Varma launches #TestWhatYouTrust challenge
Vijay Varma launches #TestWhatYouTrust challenge

The campaign invites consumers to nominate their phenyl brands to undergo scientific testing against Lizol for germ-kill and cleaning efficacy. The top ten nominated phenyls will be tested, and final results will be published by an independent ISO-certified lab. With assured prizes to participants for each submission, consumers will have the opportunity to win weekly bumper prizes including iPads, refrigerators and washing machines.

Speaking on the campaign association, actor Vijay Varma said, “It is exciting to see such confidence and assurance from a brand like Lizol that is focusing its campaign on breaking misconceptions around phenyls we have grown up with in several Indian homes. With #TestWhatYouTrust, consumers can put their phenyls to the test, helping India break its flawed perception and make the right choice for their home. For years, Lizol has been a reliable and trusted brand for me and my family, and I encourage everyone to nominate their trusted phenyls and re-evaluate their choice against Lizol."

Saurabh Jain, regional marketing director, Hygiene, Reckitt- South Asia, said, “Lizol has been championing the cause of protecting families from germs for decades. Consumers often misrelate Phenyls’ strong smell with better germ-killing properties. The #TestWhatYouTrust challenge will help educate consumers on their misplaced trust in phenyls and reiterate the need to adopt Lizol for 99.9% germ-free homes. We are confident about Lizol’s efficacy in germ-kill and cleaning and invite consumers to nominate any phenyl brand they feel can stand the test of science and prove to be superior to a specialist.”

Babita Baruah, CEO, VML India, said, “The Lizol Test Your Trust challenge campaign exemplifies the profound impact of advertising in leveraging cultural insights to address business challenges. By urging consumers to move beyond mere popular belief and actually test the efficacy of their trusted brands, we are reshaping consumer perceptions. VML India is privileged to partner with Reckitt India on this journey, and we eagerly anticipate the positive response from consumers to our collaborative efforts.”

With the #TestWhatYouTrust challenge, Lizol aims to reaffirm its consumers that Lizol All-in-one Floor Cleaner is scientifically proven to be a superior surface cleaning solution. The nominations are open starting March 30, 2024 till May 31, 2024 and results will be announced by the campaign ambassador Vijay Varma once the tests are concluded.

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