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Adani Wilmar’s brand showcases power of aroma in visual masterpiece with ‘Khushboo Kuchh Khaas’ campaign

The film – Khushboo Kuchh Khaas - has been conceptualised by DDB Tribal and directed by renowned ad-filmmaker Prakash Varma.

Adani Wilmar has unveiled the comeback of Kohinoor Basmati Rice, in a 360-degree campaign, that helps viewers visualize the aroma of Basmati. The film – Khushboo Kuchh Khaas - has been conceptualised by DDB Tribal and directed by renowned ad-filmmaker Prakash Varma. It features 48 actors and dance performers from 12 different Indian cities, guided by a choreographer from London, set to an original composition.

Based on fact that in our daily lives we often grow accustomed to mundane meals that are served without much thought. Kohinoor aims to revive the enchantment of dining by awakening a renewed passion for meals. Premium Basmati rice such as Kohinoor has a unique, rich aroma that is universally understood and enjoyed. The film’s powerful cinematography and music takes viewers on a delightful journey of an orchestral symphony evoking a longing for the brand.

"Our campaign for Kohinoor Rice aims to forge a deep emotional connection with consumers by highlighting its captivating aroma and lineage," said Vineeth Viswambharan, associate vice-president of marketing & sales at Adani Wilmar. "Setting a new benchmark for creative storytelling, the film is sans dialogues or voiceovers or texts and yet it communicates in a universal language of music & visualization which is instinctively understood across the country, while powerfully communicating brand USPs.” he added.

Iraj Fraz, creative head, DDB Tribal shared his thoughts, “Kohinoor Basmati is the most exquisite aromatic rice, and aroma isn't an experience that's easy to explain. It has notes, a harmony, an intro, and an encore. Perhaps this is why we can describe an aroma as a symphony. Just as an orchestra needs a master conductor, we had Prakash Varma tell the story, in his signature style."

Prakash Varma, director, Nirvana Films said, “As a director it’s rare to get an opportunity where you can creatively explore this kind of theme in an Ad film. It was fun to collaborate with Fraz and the agency team along with the clients who gave me the freedom to explore my craft. I was entrusted with a lot of room to play and have fun with the style. The film is operatic, theatrical and dramatic which is quite clutter breaking. Of course it always helps to have a single focused idea, in this case ‘aroma’, to drive home the point effectively. My team of assistants, DOP, production designer, costume designer, food stylist, artists, casting director, choreographer, music director, editor and support team were thrilled to be able to work on this project because the process was quite magical.”

Adani Wilmar’s strategic bid for widespread reach and engagement through Meta and Google platforms includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, as the key channels to drive the campaign's communication. By leveraging the immense popularity and influence of these platforms, the brand aims to connect with a diverse range of consumers, delivering captivating content and immersive experiences that showcase the allure of Kohinoor Rice.

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