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Advertising salutes educators on Teachers' Day 2022

Here's a roundup of some Teachers' Day ads that caught our eye.

Every year, on September 5, Teachers' Day is celebrated in India. It is the day Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of India, was born.

This year, brands came together to pay homage to the teachers and the invaluable roles that they play in people's lives.

Byju's brand film is over a minute long and highlights the reason many people get into teaching in the first place - for their love of learning. The ad features a teacher, who is thirsty for knowledge, and constantly seeks it out in different forms.

Himalaya Baby Care used this occasion to emphasise on the fact that parents are the first teachers of their children. The latter often learn by example - by observing the actions of the adults around them.

FCB Interface created an ad for Navneet Education - a book publishing company. Its theme is social experiment, where people are asked to name the most and least important persons among a panel of four professionals, by looking at their names.

Three of the names have titles of 'Dr', 'Capt' and 'Justice', and people assume these individuals are more important than the fourth one - an elderly lady with no title to her name.

Rakesh Menon, national creative director, FCB Interface, said, “Teaching is a profession that makes all other professions possible. And yet, it is, perhaps, the most undervalued profession of all. Honouring teachers with a title of 'Tr' is a small, but powerful way to change the way we look at them.”

Extramarks Education - an ed-tech company, has also released a film to mark the occasion. The ad is titled #SikhaoSukoonSe and features teachers employing Extramarks - the teaching app for school and classroom activities.

The film displays a modern view of teaching and emphasises on how the teaching app aids teachers with the teaching process, skill building, and professional development.

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